Amaarae Flips The Script With “Like It” Video

Ghanaian alte music act, Amaarae has been as sophisticated with her music videos as she does with everything associated with her – her looks, texture of her music, how she moves within the music space and more.

The concepts of her videos are brilliantly compelling, aesthetically appealing, subtly provocative and of course, elegantly artsy, as evidenced by “Fluid” and ‘‘Spend Some Time”. All these elements are strikingly present in her latest video for ”Like It”.

Tapping the amazing video director David Nicol-Sey (and his North Production team), the video combines magical realism with modern-day themes to produce an eye-catching, thoughtful and surreal moments. “Like It” seems like the perfect title for both the video and single released some weeks before.

Photo from Amaarae’s Twitter page

The video opens with Amaarae ushering herself into the ”Lost Motel”; an old and strange building whose frontal is adorned with neon lights. Her ‘tour’ of the motel begins after earning a pass from a man in a vintage green suit. With two imps as her guide, Amaarae explores her new environment, which include the various grotesque and erring rooms in the motel. Her demeanour is like a soul under a shamanic spell.

She encounters different shades of people indulged in various activities on her tour. She finds herself in a room full of transgenders, strippers – both males and females, a clown in the midst of kids celebrating a birthday. There is even a framed, black and white picture of Beyoncé in a Christ-like pose hanging on one of the walls.

The aesthetic beauty of “Like It” is highlighted through the colourful lighting, post production effects including CGI technology (watch how they use wave effect on Amaarae) and the use of slow-motion technique at certain points. These elements did add to the lustre and depth of the video. Again, one has to admire the bravery of Amaarae and her team to be unconventional by centering the “marginalized”- trans, strippers – in the video. Whatever her reason, we fuck with it.

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