Video: M.anifest Navigate The Pits of Love on “Me Ne Woa”

Ghanaian rapper, M.anifest finally released his ‘long-awaited‘ video for “Me Ne Woa“, the enchanting love song featuring young crooner, King Promise and produced by the multi-talented Reynolds The Gentleman.
Fans of M.anifest (called Manifans) for 48 hours kept asking for the video after M.anifest teased with a short visual of the song. On Thursday, M.anifest finally released the video to the delight of both the “Manifans” and other lovers of his art.
“Me Ne Woa” (translates as Me and You in Twi), is a love song that has M.anifest expressing how much he loves her despite his busy schedule. ‘Your needs I won’t undermine/ Never put them under mine’, he raps to back his assurances.

From the beginning of the video, we are told it’s the first part of a story. Employing Makere Cross Thekiso as the director (Makere worked on M.anifest’s ballet inspired ‘Simple Love’ video), this video captures the ebb and flow of a love relationship.

From an aerial shot of the shoreline of Tema beach to colourful costumes worn by the casts, we see both M.anifest and his lover taking individual walks at the beach. M.anifest is seen sandwiched between two women (in white and black garbs respectively.
The white garb symbolizing love and black representing things that often holds him back from expressing his love).
On “Me Ne Woa”, M.anifest is being pulled by two forces: one towards love and the other towards his hustle. Finding a balance becomes his main task.

His disappointing act is depicted by the dinner date scene (shot at the Shop Accra) where he pulls up late. His date wasn’t pleased with his explanations of working late as seen in how she pulls away her hand when he tried touching her.

Towards the end of the video, the two lovers settle their differences, amplifying the love triumphs in the end mantra.
M.anifest’s granddad , renowned ethno-musicologist, Prof. Nketia makes an appearance, reciting a poem that plays on the theme if song, “Me Ne Woa”.

The video is produced by Afrodistrict and Callback Dreams with Motheo Moeng and Raji Kayode handling Cinematography and Editing respectively.

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