DADDY LUMBA (Charles Kwadwo Fosu) has stayed relevant in the High Life circuits for more than two decades and like the proverbial tree nearer a river, he keeps churning out hits after hits till date. Currently, his new song Ye Nia Wo Ho B3to Wo (Yentie Obiaa) is undoubtedly the most popular song in Ghana.
Last Monday, I chanced on this video by Daddy ‘DL’ Lumba -shot in 1997-which I consider as one of the best, if not the best, video ever shot for the Aben Wo Ha crooner. Watch video after post)
The video ‘Sese Wose’ is shot in black and white, at a location reminiscent of a old bunker or an abandoned warehouse. It features three ladies of different persuasions- Caucasian, Asian, Indian, African, giving the video an all inclusive racial diversity appeal.
The musician and the dancers seem genuinely happy, relaxed; dancing, playing around with no care. They seem to be having more fun than ever.
Another beauty of the video is the director’s approach to shooting, capturing scenes which may otherwise been considered a ‘waste’. For instance, he captured the expressionless faces of the dancers. An ‘unaware moment’ to best described it. Also, we saw a camera man busily working passing through.
The video reminds me of Micheal Jackson’s awesome Liberian Girl video which was shot by legendary filmmaker Steve Spielberg, a video which was pieced together with behind the scenes shots.

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