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Yung Pabi ft Worlasi – Undastand

When Yung Pabi raps, be assured to hear something positive. His songs, over the years teaches, motivates and leaves you feeling the weight on your shoulders are nothing short but temporary. “Understand” follows in the same spills with same verve.

The assurance from Pabi and Worlasi is not to give up; that a beautiful story awaits you. With his impressive delivery and Worlasi tackling the hook with excellence – which is unsurprising, “Undastand” is a song set to invigorate you when you feel down.

KiDi ft. Kwesi Arthur – Mr. Badman

They say, one good turn deserves another. KiDi and Kwesi Arthur exemplify this mantra. After lending his vocals to Kwesi Arthur’s biggest song of 2018, the Tema based rapper has reciprocated the kind gesture on KiDi’s single for 2019.  On the song, KiDi has one simple request: he wants to enjoy life so ‘Mr. badman don’t jealous me’. The afropop song, produced by Mog Beatz is not overwhelming. But, knowing how things work, don’t be surprise if it blows up. (It’s Lynx you know?!)

The video, however is more appealing than the song, honestly speaking. The models used for the video are from different colour persuasions; all looking regale in their African costumes with KiDi sitting in their midst like a king. The ‘royal scene’ gives way to another scene, where KiDi and the models are dressed in all black. Great to see an ad placement from Alomo Bitters. Secure the bag moment for KiDi.

Kidd Black feat Darkovibes – Snapchat

Nothing is real on social media, from the pictures, videos and captions. What is real is masked, replacing it phony acts for reasons of clout, acceptance and escape from ones harsh reality. It’s often said that, social media is the worse place to find love. Rapper Kidd Black obviously did not get the memo.

“Snapchat”, the first song from the rapper this year, is a narrative about getting played by a London girl he met on snapchat. Over a guitar tinged, mid-tempo production by Boye Sowah, the baritone voice rapper details his encounter in a flow that mirrors the temperament of the beat. Darkovibes tasked with hook duties warned on the hook. It’s obvious Kidd Black failed to learn from his La Meme Gang fam when he said IG girls don’t ”impress me no more’

Sneakbo ft Kwesi Arthur & Darkovibes – Gang

For UK rapper, Sneakbo, the test of true friendship is being present at one’s lowest point. Any friend of his who bails out during difficult times isn’t one to be trusted. That’s one of the messages on ‘‘Gang”.

Featuring Kwesi Arthur and Darkovibes, Sneakbo talks about his road to success on the second verse. Kwesi Arthur delivers a hook that summarizes the themes of the song over an afropop beat from Kuvie’s board. Darkovibes ends the song with a short verse delivered entirely in Ga, adding extra balm to this bop

Queen Ayorkor – Faya

Queen Ayorkor has debuted her single under the#empawaafrica Initiative spearheaded by afropop artist, Mr. Eazi. She becomes the first female artist from Ghana to have her song released.

“Faya” is a love song that describes the strong bond that exist between her and her lover: one that gossips and rumors can’t break. Queen Ayorkor showcases good vocal work on the track – her voice radiates excitement. Queen Ayorkor is an exciting addition to the growing list of female artists.

Willy With D’Juice – Jeje ft Shaurel,  Joel Prodigy

There’s often an avoidable misstep that some artists or producers make when cutting a song. One of them is adding a rap verse that dents an otherwise good record. Willy With D’Juice avoided this pitfall with “Jeje”. The surprising rap verse tucked at the end was a success. It’s a surprise because I never expected it. The song sounds excellent – the singing, the production, the tempo.

The acts on the song croon about keeping their business on the low (lowkey) over a slithering guitar, vibrant horns and delightful drums. ”Jeje” falls under the category of songs that effortlessly delight as soon as you hear it.

John Hill ft Yung Pabi – Icon Lomo

“Icon Lomo” is purely a turn-up music primarily because of the energy behind the sound and the fiery delivery by these two rappers. John Hill has been consistent this year with his releases – he dropped “Vex” in January.

The trap heavy “Icon” is produced by Kwamzy and mixed by Supa Gaeta with John Hill and Yung Pabi touching on a few issues about their careers. Having followed John’s career over a period, “Icon Lomo” is a testament to his continuous growth.


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