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Kuami Eugene – Walaahi

Love is a theme Kuami Eugene enjoys alluding to on his songs as Angela, Confusion and, to an extent, Wish Me Well. His latest song and video “….” doesn’t deviate from the script. The video is shot like a mini movie. A boy who had an affair with his house help goes in search of her and his baby, three years after she was thrown out of the house by the boy’s relatives. The song and video makes it clear in that end that, true love prevails no matter what.


Burna Boy – On The Low

Burna Boy has been busy this year: he’s recording songs, promoting his brilliant album and hopping on features. In addition to these, he’s also putting out videos. His latest video for ‘On The Low’ is beautifully crafted and features just two characters- a lady and himself. The video opens with a shot of a black –and- white television being watched by this lady; who immediately begins to dance to the rhythm of the song. Burna Boy watches her from the upper terrace of his home. The standout of the video is the transition from one scene to another, complimented by a change in the mood of each scene. The mellow tone of the song obviously did translate to the video.

Safo x Anyemi – One Cedi

Produced by Nel Magnum, “One Cedi” features the rap duo Safo and Anyemi. Amongst the currency notes of Ghana, the duo chose the lowest denomination- ‘One Ghana Cedi’ as the theme and title of this song. The One Ghana Cedi note was to denote humble beginnings and respect enforced by the lyric: ‘I respect you, if you respect one cedi’
The song starts with a famous phrase from Wu Tang Clan “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” (C.R.E.A.M) with the verses making inference to the themes of “humility” and “right attitude”. This song adds to the campaign being pushed by certain rappers in the Ghanaian music space for people to pay more attention to messages and lyrics they put in their songs. In Safo’s own words, this song is best listened to with an earpiece, on high volume with the eyes closed.

Medikal – Freestyle

When relationships end on an unpleasant note, a lot of issues bubble to the fore. It’s worse when the parties are public figures. Days after Sister Deborah released her single “Kakalika” following news of her break-up with Medikal, the latter has come out with a response, to set the record straight. What inspired this freestyle was less about Sister Deborah’s “revelations’ but more with a series of tweets by actress and friend to his ex, Lydia Forson. He revealed how his ex used to mock Lydia during their pillow talk. Towards the end of the song, MDK’s anger showed glaringly in his verse: ‘men are trash/men are trash/ but your poppy be dustbin but you still call am dad’. Like they say, when love ends, that’s when secrets emerge.

EL – Thinkin’

‘Thinkin’ was one of the songs that foreshadowed BAR V. The trap drum patterned beat saw EL tackle the subject of love from the standpoint of a lady. The Lex McCarthy directed video opens with a beautiful drone shot of a coastline. EL is seen, along with some ladies having a good time. The video has a club scene/ private party vibe, where EL is the only guy partying in the midst of women. This is the first visual from EL and we have to wait and see how many more would be released subsequently.

Size The Truth – Never Told

Sizz’s decision to shoot a video for “Never Told”, a standout from his album isn’t much of a surprise. Like the well helmed song, the video portrays Sizz The Truth as a royal dripping in antique flamboyance. From his styling to the choice of location, the director, Akwaada Nyame, juxtaposes the regal aesthetics worn by Sizz with the derelict looking house perfectly; a reflection of the two distinct blend of sounds on ‘Never Told’.

Samini feat KiDi- Master Key

Afro dancehall superstar, Samini drafts rising star KiDi on his latest single. ‘Master Key’ is an affirmation of love. Both Samini and KiDi are seen strolling with their respective lovers in the Yaw Skyface directed visual. The simple cast video scores high on quality (video is eye pleasing) and camera angle- the drone shots seem more like an ad for the location, which I presume is the Peduase Valley Resort.

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