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Wayo feat Joey B – Muscatella

Wayo - Muscatella ft. Joey B (Prod. by kuvie)
Two things are noticeable listening to ”Muscatella”. First, the sing along hook could become a catch phrase: ‘she’s sweet like Muscatella/she has a wicked flavour’. Second, you need to sometimes trade off bombastic productions for a strip down one. And relying on Kuvie for such work is the perfect move by Wayo. ‘Muscatella’ feels very Caribbean. It’s skeletal, clanging instrumentals of percussion, steel drums feels like something inspired by carnival party music. Wayo, an Atlanta raised, Ghanaian rapper/singer is joined by a singing Joey B on this single to night out escapades including cheering up a lonely girl at a party. He uses Muscatella, a fizzy drink once popular in Ghana (don’t know if it’s still on market) as metaphor to express how lovely the girl is. Wayo may see his career or popularity take off in Ghana should he promote this single. Need to say, the song title reminds me of Dasebre Dwamena (RIP). The accompanying artwork (a guy and girl riding a bike on the beach on a lovely night) is so cool.

Safo feat Nino – She’s Gone

The song title is enough to give you an idea of what this song is about. The lyrics and the story told on ‘She’s Gone’ isn’t about losing one’s love. It’s more about chances not taken. A guy is crushing on a church girl yet doesn’t make his intentions clearly known to her. She falls for another guy whom she eventually marries. As if that’s not crashing enough, she makes her crush a champagne popper at her wedding party. Conceived in a conversational setting, Safo narrates his ordeal to Nino in a way that’s engrossing and humorous. Nel Magnum, the producer, chops up the soulful samples over which these two rappers tell a heartfelt story.

Taps – To The Dreamers

Everybody has dreams, yet not all are able to realize them. Taps, the Narrow Road signed artist and member of the group SI Unit isn’t one scared to pursue his dreams as exhibited in the lyrics of “To The Dreamers”. Through his aggressive rap flow, Taps shares what his dreams are and how he’s scaling obstacles over a soulful beat. It would have been good if the hook of the song had been performed by a singer rather than himself. That notwithstanding, the positivity in his message (glean at the artwork curiously) is relevant in the time of our lives.

Kenny Huskin – On The Road Freestyle

From cyphers to rap battles during his Senior High School days at St. Thomas Aquinas to fully ventuirnf into music after graduating from the University in 2015, Kenny Huskin has hones his lyrical skills quiet well. In his pursuit for recognition and prove of his lyrical abilities, he began a short rap video series called ‘On The Road’ in July 2017 which shows his grind, skills and journey as a rapper. Kenny Huskin has a dream of becoming one of the greatest musicians from Africa. The ‘On The Road’ series is how he begins this journey.

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