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EL- Overdose

Finally, the video is out following the release of the song a couple of months ago. This is typical EL video:heavy on crispness and colour grading. The cinematography is excellent. EL and his friends are seen at a restaurant having dinner when he is suddenly struck by a beautiful lady who passed them. His attempt to catch her attention didn’t materialize at first. But, we later get to see her again, this time coming over to serve him and his boys. Next, we see the two, all alone in the restaurant getting to know each other.
The video is split between the restaurant-both indoors and outdoors where they turned the car park and restaurant into a mini-party ground. The other shot we see is of him alone, in a black fur coat and a pimp hat dancing or pacing around. The directors, Wowa and Trebla did well in capturing some of the expressions of EL (at 01: 30 and 01:53). Even though it’s a love song, the video didn’t really tap into that excessively. Simple, fun video; nothing excessive.

The Gentleman feat Yung Pabi, Adomaa & Reynolds -Plenty Talk

Music producer, The Gentleman’s latest single ‘Plenty Talk’ recounts a story that is all familiar to many guys and women as well, where they sell to friends tales that’s far from reality. Drafting rapper, Yung Pabi and singer Adomaa, the multi-talented producer, The Gentleman, (an alter ego of Reynolds) has Yung Pabi and Adomaa playing out a ‘shooting my shot’ scenario. Yung Pabi, (the guy) shoots his shot but failed to win Adomaa (the girl) yet, he goes around boasting to his friends he had a ‘moment’ with the girl.
Reynolds nailed the hook and Adomaa’s rap is so on point. This is another good song with a very highlife vibe surrounding it. One can visualize the whole ‘act’ listening to this song.

Kwadjo SpiRi- The Definition of Hip Hop

Hi-hats, menacing horns, hoppy pipe and hard hitting drum and snares get you head bumping. The beat transport you back to the 90s era with its New York hip hop flavour. Kwadjo SpiRi comes across as one of the last breeds of quintessential hip hop artists around.
On his new single, he meanders across myriads of topics including the death of hip hop-how lyricism, tributes to 2pac and Biggie, the influence of rap legends like Rakim, Nas and others who used their music to educate. He recounts how he turned from a fan of hip hop to a rapper during his time at Uni, his new album (with a style he calls afro-hop).
Get Kwadjo SpiRi- The Definition of Hip Hop on
For those unaware of Kwadjo SpiRi, check out his previous album. As he said on the intro, ‘if you ain’t 30 years you can’t relate’ cos ‘hip hop is on the clock, 97 is in the air’

Kuvie feat B4Bonah & RJZ – Energy

There’s a quote that goes like ‘being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage’. Music producer, Kuvie’s new single leans toward this saying.
Featuring B4Bonah and RJZ, ‘Energy’ carries the trademark sound of Kuvie-clanking, stripped down beat- the two artists throw in verses that celebrate love as the hook depicts: ‘whenever you smile at me, you make me feel this energy’. The contrast in voices- b4Bonah’s high pitched voice compared to RJZ’s soft toned vocals add sheen to this mid-tempo, danceable tune.

Bangz- No Heaters

The mid-tempo bounce on the song is gripping. The mixing and mastering technique used fit the song title –you hear the hook pouring out through the speakers. The song play on the idea that Bangz doesn’t need heaters in his room. He rather prefers speakers. At the edges of the bouncy beat are those soulful horns with guitar strings wheezing across it. Except for the beat break-where the bounciness is replaced by a slow trap beat, deeming its brightness in the process, ‘No Heaters’ is the kind of song you play during a jolly highway cruise.

Fasina feat Minz – Freaky

A slow burner with an irresistible grove. Fasina’s vocals are gentle, swimming along with the calm vibe of the beat. Fasina makes a simple request: ‘came with my boys, baby girl can you come with your sisters?’. The mood for shenanigans is perfectly set. And this sentiment is covered in the video for “Freaky”.
Fasina is seen on a couch at a basement pub. A lady offers him a glass of Hennessey which he gulps down and suddenly transported to another world-a rave party where he gets pampered by girls. The video is excellently lightened-as seen by the red tone of the club and the tone of their skin. Fasina need to put Mr. Eazi on the remix of this song.

Dumey – Oliver Khan

If you love football-and you’ve been a follower since the late 90s, you’d know Oliver Khan. The German legendary goalie was one of the best during his active years. On this song, Dumey references his name in this song to demonstrate how ready he is to catch the love of his life if she falls. Dumey’s gentle and soothing croning ride over this low-tempo beat from Frank Sowah Boye. I wonder why the beat didn’t play a bit longer. Folks wanna dance!!

General Myke feat J. Derobie – Odo Yewu

Why didn’t J. Derobie sing till the end? This song has a vibe to it yet General Myke had to throw in some rap verses for balance. The mid-tempo tune is about loving that special one. Produced by Uglybeatz, Odo Yewu sit right in the current afropop rhythms of heavy bass and kick. And features J. Derobie. The song interpolates on its interlude, Daddy Lumba’s Auntie Atta hook. Currently recording songs for his EP, ‘Odo Yewu’ has potential if General Myke plays his cards right.

Not. Nilc – Unfortunate

‘It’s unfortunate I gave my heart and shit to you’. Not. Nilc’s is a depiction of his burns from a relationship that never took off due to what sounds like a bad judgement. As the song’s lyrics portray, he took friendship as love: ‘Should have stayed in the friendzone’ he sings. The emotional pains endured despite his contradictory demeanor is present. Love is pain indeed, unfortunately.

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