The Cut bring to readers each week music or albums that the writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.
Dark Suburb, the mysteriously masked afro rock band dropped a new single, HUSTLE, this week. As could be inferred from the title of song, it is about surviving despite the odds (all the pain I feel inside, I turned it into motivation..keep hustling).

Soliciting the assistance of EL (who, as usual never disappointed with his flow), Dark Suburb has erased any doubt about how ‘rock’ they are with Hustle (hard electric guitar riffs, thumping drum beats).  One thing about EL is he, brings most often, much more on when guest featured. Hustle is the first single to be released by the award winning group this year. Hustle reeks of bubbling life, a good starter for a day’s shift.
Trix has tricks in his big frame and gladly exhibits them on his latest EP, BRONTIDE released a couple of days ago. Trix’ style is simple: he is not too obsessed with punch lines, metaphors or complex rap lines. BRONTIDE brings out TRIX’ versatility- he sings and raps- and he showcases his singing abilities on the love tinged tune Lois Lane ( Last night the world lost its axis/And I want you in the worst way/I was lost until you found me… You’ll never be superman until you find your Lois Lane). Don’t confuse him with Richie of Lynx ENT on this joint)
On YOU he sings well although he struggles with his high notes. TRUTH is an introspective song with TRIX questioning when success would come (I just keep walking on earth/Let’s see if I can walk on air). Brontide’s minimalistic feel makes it attractive to listen albeit -enough of the ear piercing beats.

KESIWA – 2.14 AM
2:14 AM is a poetry and jazz filled EP by Kesiwa, a Ghanaian based UK poet. The title is of significance in her life –as it is time she was born 25 years ago. The EP is an ode to her dad and explores their relationship as vividly captured on My Vonny (for the first time in my life you made me a Papa/ Until the 13th of June, 1990 at 2:14 AM I had never been a father but now I was), a narrative from the standpoint of her dad.
The trumpet accompanied Cobwebs, sees Kesiwa delving into the traps of life her dad didn’t share with her like the ‘difference between Spider and the Cobwebs’. She observes on Cobwebs (Men lie, A lot/ They’ll lie and apologize/Never believe their first stories but let them believe you do) and how children and adults handle situations (People are mean but children are evil/Adults are weak. Life has had several shots at them and their words have been tamed).

Kesiwa pays glowing tribute to her dad describing him as her mentor, guardian, partner culminating in her being ‘half of me will be you’-imbibing and living by the ‘codes’ imparted into her’, an attestation to her dad’s unparalleled love to her.  ‘Resurrection has never been so dim’ crowns Beauty For Ashes -the pain in her heart to the listener.

The EP is an easy listen, replete with straight forward poems that prick nostalgic memories between a child and parents. Though it is an ode to her dad, 2:14 AM, the poems are bare and lack vigour (a feature of ‘thank you’ tributes).  Or was she too overwhelmed by memories?
She ends by appreciating her dad for giving her (introducing her) to Red Wine and Jazz and she gave him Gratitude. It ends.

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