ASEM Versus TEMA: A Detailed Investigation

If there is anything good that this Coronavirus induced global lockdown has contributed to the entertainment scene, it is the fact that it has made people creative. Rappers and DJs have found a way to spend time with their fans via social media. Instagram Live has become the concert hall where many go to have a good time. In the […]

Agyekum’s Classic “Hohuo Asem” And Hammer’s (Last 2) Regret

In 2011, legendary music producer Hammer (Last 2), produced a song that became a treasured record among a crop of music lovers. Unlike most of his renowned works, this particular single did not become a national hit. However, the song has become an almost cult classic among some fans. As Hammer would admit, he did not ‘put resources” behind the […]

Fear Is What Keeps Shatta Wale Awake

By turning his fears into success, the self-acclaimed dancehall king has become a bully within the music industry. If there is any experience a person would learn when stranded on an island or in the wilderness, it is sharpening their survival instincts. You have to battle against harsh conditions mostly unforeseeable in other to survive. And should you make it […]

Sarkodie Is Still The Man

On his single “Who Da Man?’’, Sarkodie intoned “Ain’t nobody taking my position/ Mama told me not to worry, ‘cos she had a vision/ Obiaa ntumi nquechi (Nobody can quench) my fire am on a mission/ You go trust if you know what I been cooking in the kitchen ah”. For some, this is nothing short of a swaggering vaunted […]

Video: Sarkodie And Efya Affirm Their ‘Love’ On “Saara”

Magic happens whenever Sarkodie and Efya join forces on a song. The chemistry between the two is outstanding, with both parties offering their best shot. There appears to be a subliminal friendly competition between the two parties- one that is more complimentary than the outshining another on a record. “Saara” produced by MOG affirms this forcefully. The fourth single off […]

Sarkodie’s “Alpha” Will Be Remembered For Its Stellar Production Than Content

‘‘Alpha’ has its moments of brilliance in terms of production aesthetics and some songs. The 6 track EP is composed of songs that did not make the final cuts during the making of ‘’Mary’’ and ‘’Highest’’. The general output is not a homerun for Sarkodie but one cannot overlook his attempt at satisfying his rap loving fans’’. Sarkodie does not […]

Sarkodie’s “Friends To Enemies” Examines Burden of Success On Others.

­­­­“Brand no be strong enough, if ebi strong, keep quiet e go soon common, I stay mute one-year sef full support” – Sarkodie on “Advice” When you thought you’ve had enough of Sarkodie, he manages to, for some reason, get you gushing over him again. He appears to have mastered the craft of judging when discontent among people – not […]

Sarkodie and Akan Share Travel Tales on “All Die Be Die”

“I won’t play with my time on earth’, Sarkodie opines towards the end of ”All Die Be Die”, his latest single with Akan. The song explores the story of life and the agonies associated with trying to make it out hustle. The two rappers take turns to narrate their ‘personal’ ordeals in their attempts at breaking the mould of poverty […]