Evolution of Hip Hop And The DIY Acumen of Ghanaian Acts

Armed with DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit, hip hop artists in Ghana are finding ways beyond their talents to evolve with the times as they sell their creativity to the rest of the world In the aught of 1994, Reggie Rockstone and DJ Rab Bakari randomly met and together changed the face of Ghana music for the better. Reggie Rockstone, […]

Republic Bar: A Spot For Music Videos

Opened on 1st July, 2012; a significant date in the political history of Ghana- the country assumed its Republican status on July 1- The Republic Bar and Grill has for Ghana, has for the past 8 years become one of the best outdoor spots in the nation’s capital. Founded by two brothers – Kofi and Raja Owusu- Ansah, “Republic”, as […]

Akyeame Set The Sonic Template For Hiplife With ”Me San Aba”

So, the story went like this: Two young rappers keen on recording an album approached an established music producer to help them realize their dream. The first question the producer asked them was whether they had money to pay for his services, to which they responded in the negative. He therefore asked them to go and bring whatever money that […]

On “Edua Ne Ebu”, Nkasei Proved Why They Were The “True Preachers” Of Their Era

Legendary. Great(s). These adjectives have in recent times been watered down by many especially music fans who bestow the ‘L’ and ‘G’ words on anyone they find appealing. Like the fire emoji slapped next to any Soundcloud link, these terms could be misleading. Long before the internet made music more accessible-and anything thrown out to be celebrated-artists of old knew […]

K.K Fosu Was The Poster Boy of Contemporary Highlife.

His voice holds more than melodies and musical notes. It serenaded and soothed people’s mood. Whether you were in love, heartbroken, happy or feeling the brunt of disappointment, he had songs to keep you company. The voice which conveyed the thoughts in his mind was always soulful, tender and great to hear whenever it boomed through the speakers. Kaakyire Kwame […]

Throwback: GHANA ALL STARS – Stop AIDS, Love Life

I was in my first year at Junior Secondary School when my dad called my siblings and I to talk about the deadly disease AIDS. That was around 1996. It was the first time he ever talked to us about sex, its consequences on life and our future-something many parents did. At that time, the statistics was frightening-about 200 people […]

Throwback: Nana King- ‘Champion’

There’s a lot that Nana King did for hip life in its nascent stage: he founded Ashanti International Records which housed top acts such as Sonni Bali and Ex-Doe. This was in 1999 when the whole hip life movement was beginning to take shape. Embodying a flashy and sometimes gangster-like sense of American hip hop culture, Nana King, who, prior […]

Throwback: Reggie Rockstone feat K.K.Fosu – AH

First of all, RIP to Suzzi Williams.  Pain is sometimes good. It serves as the fireball that ultimately light up our creativity. The inspiration born out of pain inspire creativity, some of them epic. Some of these creations outlive us and become prized works or masterpieces. From the depth of pain, genuises are sometimes birthed. Reggie Rockstone may pass as […]


    One interesting feeling music provokes is the stirring up of memories. These memories could be good or otherwise. However, the scale of these nostalgic feelings remain priceless. Music has the magic to transport you to a time and place with ease. That was exactly my experience hearing ‘Mapouka’, one of the many memorable tunes from Reggie Rockstone, when […]