THE CUTS is a weekly review of newly released songs and videos. The songs and videos covered are not genre or region-specific. Once we find it dope, we’ll share our thoughts on it here. Øbed – breathe Whatever is in the water that the guys at SuperJazzClub are drinking must be very potent. For the past weeks, the content they have […]

Video: Øbed Wants You To Live Free on ”Walls”

Listening to songs by Øbed feels like a galactic experience. The beauty of his sonic creation is multi-dimensional. It’s a blend of stripped-down sounds and some hard-hitting rhythms over which floats a voice that is both assertive and malleable. His songs also encompasses various influences; from hip hop, jazz, punk rock, retro RnB and soft pop with a splash of […]

Super Jazz Club Is Here; Release First Single ”Couple Black Kids”.

You should have seen it coming if you have been following individual members of the collective, Super Jazz Club. They are not a team of old musicians who perform jazz songs. Neither is it the name of a jazz club. The Super Jazz Club is a collective of 7 young guys who are keeping jazz alive by embalming their songs […]

New Music: Maayaa Basks In Love In ‘Ride’; Obed Makes Commitments When ‘Sober’

Maayaa feat Worlasi – Ride Maayaa is a tease, musically speaking. For months, following the release of her soulful love song ‘You’, people have inquired if there’d be more songs from her. Her responses to these queries have been either flippant or nebulous. One, therefore couldn’t establish if she wants a career in music or she belongs to the crop […]