Interview: Eff The DJ Discusses Growth, Visibility, Brand Leverage And Covid-19

‘’Rewarding, Draining, Bitter-sweet’’. These were the adjectives Eff The DJ chose to describe the year 2019 in respect to his fledging career. As one of the most exciting DJs in the city of Accra, the afro wearing, digital strategist in the day and a DJ at night showed to be proud of the year he had. But, in typical fashion, […]

Bryan The Mensah Has Hit “Level 2” On His Own Game.

The Bunny Sigler sample from “Shake Your Booty” set the record up right. With its not so conspicuous trap drums and head nodding bounce from the production boards of OKAIWAV, Bryan The Mensah rips through the beat with his unmistakable sing-rap delivery. The message: money dreams. That is, the young rapper has his eyes set on things bigger than just […]


THE CUTS is a weekly review of songs, videos and albums you need to hear. The songs and videos covered are not a genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it will be reviewed or featured. Omar Sterling – Bangers & Reload; Exotic Flow What did we do to deserve this? Omar Sterling appears to be in a good […]

When Veterans Leave Room For Mockery

The Ghanaian culture frowns on criticizing elders especially in public. It’s deemed reprehensible and uncouth. No matter how wrong or disingenuous the actions of the elder, it’s often the duty of the young person to keep quiet, tolerate their actions and go on as if nothing has ever happened. After all, an elder is wiser than a young person. But, […]

Spotlight: Meet Dylan Hansen; The Brilliant Mind Behind Serallio

How does a man who doesn’t enjoy parties and being in the midst of many people, end up running one of the most exciting nightlife spots in the city of Accra? ‘’The idea was not what it is now. I wanted to create a space where a few friends and I could hang out and have a good time’’. The […]

Throwback: Tony Tetuila Defined An Era With Hit Song ‘My Car’

Tony Tetuila, the Nigerian artist did define an era with his hit song ‘My Car’. As the standout single from his album of the same name, ‘My Car’, released in 2002, won the dyed hair Tony Tetuila national and international recognition around 2003. Tony Tetuila’s breakthrough coincided with a new dawn within the Nigerian music scene, led by the likes […]

AKAN Speaks: Shares Insight on His Music, Growth and Grandfather’s Influence on Him

“Everything I said on the album is something I’ve gone through or seen somebody go through these experiences. So it was about me expressing how I feel when I get’’- AKAN When rapper AKAN released his debut album, “Onipa Akoma”, the consensus was unanimous: he’s the future of rap. The 14 track album is fantastic in conception, brilliant in execution, […]

Video: The VGMAs 2018 Nominees Discussion.

Culartblog  sat down with three guests whose opinion on music and art we very much trust to discuss selected categories for this years Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs). This year’s VGMA is slated for Saturday 14th April. The guests, Franklin (@effthedj), Aubrey Mensa (@AubreyMensa) and Evans Kwami Kafui (@kwami_kafui ), had very interesting opinions to share on the nominees highlighting who […]