Legacy Artistes and the Question of Gen Z Experience

Change will always drive evolution. Adapting to it is often arduous especially when it is tied to growth. The thing about change is that, while we may not like it, you can not do away with it. You can insulate yourself from it for a while. But, in due course, the change will find a way to get to your […]

Poet Koo Kumi Eulogies Mohammed Ali on “The Greatest Poem Ever”

The world remembers the brave. Their deeds continue to attest to their bravery, inspire others and, to an extent, influence and shape the course of history. One of the men whose deeds embodies all the above is ‘the greatest boxer to ever live’, Mohammed Ali. His prowess as a boxer made him a household name; his politics impacted American society […]

AKAN Speaks: Shares Insight on His Music, Growth and Grandfather’s Influence on Him

“Everything I said on the album is something I’ve gone through or seen somebody go through these experiences. So it was about me expressing how I feel when I get’’- AKAN When rapper AKAN released his debut album, “Onipa Akoma”, the consensus was unanimous: he’s the future of rap. The 14 track album is fantastic in conception, brilliant in execution, […]

New Music: Do Some by DJ K3V

  DJ K3V enlist dancehall artist Hama and rapper Legacy for his latest single Do Some. Boasting of different rhythmic fusions of afropop, dancehall and trap, Do Some, aside its fun grooves carry some weighty theme: gold-digger tendencies of today’s ladies. Legacy, rapping in fante captures it succinctly: how come girls lately move to only guys who wave car keys?’. DK […]