King Paluta’s career continues to rise as his single ‘’Aseda’’, released in February, 2024 keeps soaring up music charts. Before his musical breakthrough, the Kumasi based artist had been making music for half of his life. His success has come with great attention and new opportunities including four (4) nominations at this year’s Telecel Ghana Music Awards. The name King […]

Happenings in 2021: Part 1

I remember vividly where I was on 1st Jan 2021. I also recall how a meeting with an executive of a global music company changed the career trajectory of a budding artist. more on that later. A lot happened in 2021 on the Ghanaian music and art scene, specifically with music.  The old legends kept their turf guarded while cultivating […]

Talking Verses: Obrafour ‘s “Pae Mu Ka” [Song]

“With the lyrics “Headline News N’aso Meny3 Fred Chidi”, Obrafour exhibited cleverness and a keen ear for the little details First off, to have your name dropped on a song is a big deal. This act validates your credibility. It points to the fact that you are doing something noteworthy. Name drops are mostly reserved for people of certain clout […]

Throwback: Soulatidoe – Ka W’ano Tumu

What do you know about Soulatidoe? Do you even remember them? Do you know how much they contributed to the hiplife movement? Do you know their story? And how they made one of the most important records during their active years? One of the things I enjoy about documenting the music scene in Ghana is receiving links to some good […]

Obuor and Phamous People (Philms) Made Art With Visuals

Obour’s name provokes mixed reaction within the creative space, specifically the music industry. His politics as the former head of MUSIGHA (Musicians Union of Ghana) for two terms of four years apiece brought in its wake disappointments if measured on the scale of expectations. His coming into office was considered by many as the change needed to necessitate a reformation […]

A New Wave of Artists Are Re-Awakening Live Performances In Ghana

A new generation of artists are re-awakening the art of live performances – and some of them are not even singers.  The death knell on live band music, a staple of Ghanaians of the 50s through to the late 70s, was the numerous military interregnums that engulfed the country, mostly in the 70s to the early 80s. For many observers […]

My Beef With The ‘Golden Era Of Hiplife’ Tag

“The most valiant thing you can do as an artist is to inspire someone else to be creative.” If social studies ever succeeded in teaching us anything, it was the fact that it taught us the meaning of culture. The fact that it was dynamic, subjected to the changing times and bound by the feeling or the mode of the […]

Golden Nuggets From Your Favourite Priest, Okomfuo Kwadee

Okomfuo Kwadee explores the issue of infidelity by comparing and contrasting the various qualities of his wife and girlfriend one of his notable songs. What do you look for in music? The answer to this question varies from person to person. Music lovers listen to music for several reasons. Some listen to music to reminisce the keenest of their memories; […]

Throwback: Keteke- Chio Chio

2001. Metro TV. Advertising Cycle. Skyy Power FM. Radio Valco. These are the memory dots I have about the lead single from the three-man rap group Keteke. “Chio Chio” was the group’s magnum opus. Keteke became an overnight celebrity off the back of this record. Unlike some who fade into black after scoring a big hit single, the group would […]