NiiQuaye Invites All To Dance To His Highlife Tune “Twa Wonan Ase”

There is a song for every situation in one’s life; be it for the good or bad. These songs tend to vividly capture an experience that you feel the musician or songwriter was lurking somewhere observing your situation. That was my sentiment when I heard “Twa Wona Ase”, a song by NiiQuaye. The multi- instrumentalist and music producer recruited AYAT […]

Akyeame Set The Sonic Template For Hiplife With ”Me San Aba”

So, the story went like this: Two young rappers keen on recording an album approached an established music producer to help them realize their dream. The first question the producer asked them was whether they had money to pay for his services, to which they responded in the negative. He therefore asked them to go and bring whatever money that […]

Akwaboah Keeps The Fine Spirit of Highlife On ‘M’afutusem’.

The enchanting beauty of highlife music lies in its great rhythmic compositions, real life stories the musicians expertly craft, the soothing feel the music exude. These elements or properties end up pulling you, the listener, along. As you nod and do your one-two steps, you are also fed with profound life lessons. Concerns have been expressed by some highlife veterans […]

Throwback: Kofi B – Mobrowa

One thing must be said about highlife singer Kofi B: he is a unique artist. His uniqueness shines right across his beautiful and proverb-filled songwriting, his mastery of the Twi language and mellifluous voice. Kofi B should, in my estimation, be one of the most heralded highlife acts of his generation. But as is often the case, especially with regards […]

Throwback: Omahene Pozo featuring Ewurama Badu – Medofo Adada Me

First, Rest In Peace Omanhene Pozo. Despite your physical absence, you are still here with us. As the Twi proverbs rightly say, the tongue never rots. Your words- via your music- shall forever live. Omanhene Pozo was one of the stalwarts of hiplife. He was counted among the early stalwarts of hiplife music. A founding member of the rap group, […]

Video: Watch Juls Video ‘Saa Ara’ featuring Kwesi Arthur & Akan

The long shot towards the end of video looks like a scene from one of those medieval Hollywood movies or better still, from the hit-TV series ”Game of Thrones’‘. The dark clouds, the beautiful yet haunting coastline; the isolated white castle with stained walls and the sea whose waves slap continuously against its bedrocks hold a lot of history and […]

‘U Hxve Nx Idxv’ Bridges Gap Between Party And Life

If there’s one thing Ghanaian creatives are excellent at, it’s their ability to covert and localize popular trends. The history of Ghanaian music is full of such examples: western big band music was incorporated into highlife music of ET Mensah in the 50s; the innovation of Ebo Taylor birthed afrobeat in the 70s. The highlife of the 80s adopted elements […]

THE CUTS: EP 03 Vol. 19

THE CUTS is a short review of songs, videos or albums that we think you need to hear or watch. The music is not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it will be covered. Poetra Asantewa – Hungry ‘Hungry’ examines the relationship between country/society (Ghana) and its citizens through the prism of Poetra. The poem highlights the raw […]

Throwback: Tony Tetuila Defined An Era With Hit Song ‘My Car’

Tony Tetuila, the Nigerian artist did define an era with his hit song ‘My Car’. As the standout single from his album of the same name, ‘My Car’, released in 2002, won the dyed hair Tony Tetuila national and international recognition around 2003. Tony Tetuila’s breakthrough coincided with a new dawn within the Nigerian music scene, led by the likes […]

Tribute: Ace Highlife Artist Jewel Ackah’s Voice Shall Continue To Ring.

For some of today’s generation, Jewel Kofi Ackah is known as the man who composed the popular “Arise, Arise” anthem for the National Democratic Party in 1992. Ghana was transitioning from military dictatorship to democratic governance, and the last leg of the completion process was an election to be held in 1992. The then military leader turned democrat, Flt. Lt. […]