NiiQuaye Invites All To Dance To His Highlife Tune “Twa Wonan Ase”

There is a song for every situation in one’s life; be it for the good or bad. These songs tend to vividly capture an experience that you feel the musician or songwriter was lurking somewhere observing your situation. That was my sentiment when I heard “Twa Wona Ase”, a song by NiiQuaye.
The multi- instrumentalist and music producer recruited AYAT and Akan; two formidable talents on the music scene to describe a situation of happiness despite temporary hiccups.
“Twa Wonan Ase” (a Twi phrase meaning Just Dance) carries a contagious highlife groove embellished with horns, percussion found on many classic highlife songs. NiiQuaye’s guitar coloured the sonic intersections of this already swingy tune.
Delivered in two parts, AYAT narrated a story about the attempt by the police to abort his quest for fun on a Monday evening despite having his car in shape and documents intact: “Koti maaba/ Why you want to spoil my agenda/ I get my licence and papers/All correct officer check”.

Akan delivered a story that bothered on police profiling and harassment – the police who had stopped their vehicle suspect him of carrying drugs because of his locked hair and ‘different’ look. (Guess @Selkofiga would be happy to hear Akan touching on this subject).
The video, directed by The Artisans, combined beautiful choreography by Shiatse (in collaboration with NiiQuaye), excellent shots and a club scene with eye-pleasing colour grading. The club scene had Ko-Jo Cue, Twisted Wavex, Osei Kwame (Citi FM) making an appearance.
Nii Quaye has over time built an impressive CV in respect of songs he has help craft. The CEO of Musical Lunatics, NiiQuaye played guitar riffs on “Overdose” by Sarkodie, “UxMe” by Joey B, Darkovibes’ “Tomorrow”, Vision DJs ” Double Trouble” and “Like December”. Not only is he a talented guitarist, producer and sound designer, Nii Quaye is also an artist manager and A&R.
Watch the video below:

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