Ghanaian music collective, SuperJazzClub, are out with their new single, ‘911’. Highlighting a take on karma, the collective’s second release of the year is a daringly riveting exploration of genre blends and colourful soundscapes over creatively thoughtful lyrics that have become synonymous of the group.

Supported by a shuffling beat that is both infectious and slightly eerie in tone, ‘911’ invites listeners on a enthralling musical journey. It features crafty vocal contributions from SuperJazzClub members – Ansah Live, BiQo, Tano Jackson and Seyyoh – and produced by Øbed and Ansah Live, succeeding in highlighting the special quality that each member brings.

Speaking on the song’s theme, SuperJazzClub relayed: “Thematically, it’s a song that talks about karma and how things always come back round. In the hook, BiQo talks about Karma being in the streets looking for him. Using a killer as a metaphor for how severe the effects of his Karma could be. He’s calling 911 as a way of asking for help to elude his karma” .

On this record, each member contributions is filled with coarse reflections on failed relationships and existential questions about how one is moving through the world. Typically rapping as if he has a premonition, Tano Jackson personifies karma to evoke an evil spirit, depicting having a glock on his waist to protect himself from karma’s all-seeing and all-knowing power.

‘911’ is sonically unconventional – beholding a unique swing and highly magnetic bounce. Effortlessly groovy, the single sounds cut from the same fabric as The Fugees’ ‘The Score’ -similarly fusing together elements of dub reggae, hip-hop and soul with synthy blushes of new wave. Profiling the tracks’ more analogue characteristics are the track’s forward-thinking drum programming which recall the late 90s output of Timbaland and Static Major.

‘911’ follows last month’s release of ‘OFF’, the collective’s maiden release on Human Re-Sources, the very label services company that have vaulted RAYE and Lancey Foux to international acclaim in recent months. Defying categorisation, ‘OFF’ oscillates between juxtaposing genres, tempos and moods resulting in a track that is informed by 90s R&B and Hip-Hop, UKG and further garnished with jazz-inspired piano flourishes and rhythmic patterns at home with contemporary Afrobeats.

(Artwork Credit: Tano Jackson)

Upon its release the track garnered coverage and acclaim from critics and taste-maker platforms including COLORS, NME, OkayAfrica, MusicinAfrica, Rough Trade, CLASH, iMullar, Culture Custodian, District Magazine, Culartblog and more.

Throughout 2023, SuperJazzClub made considerable strides as an in-demand live act. Playing a number of headline shows and festival dates across Europe including The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, Brussels’ CORE Festival, Angoulême’s Musique Métisses, Paris’ We Love Green Festival and a sold-out headline show at London’s Paper Dress Vintage. They also took part in Soho House’s ‘Soho Rising’ international concert series performing at their residences in London, Brighton, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. Next month, the collective will be playing London’s Cross The Tracks festival in Brixton.

‘911’ marks SuperJazzClub’s most cinematic offering to date. Further bringing the song’s naturally film-like charm to the fore is a story musing on karma and the way it can make itself at home in our minds, as well the ways it can physically and spatially manifest in our day to day lives. Listen here:

Featured photo by Photo Credit: Babajide Osho

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