Roses Are Red, Tears Are Blue, Fountain Baby EP: A Sonic Poetry by Amaarae

Roses Are Red, Tears Are Blue, Fountain Baby EP: A Sonic Poetry by Amaarae

Off the back of her successful tour and release of her Angels in Tibet Pack, Ghanaian popstar Amaarae releases the highly anticipated deluxe of her chart-topping album Fountain Baby. The project arrives just in time for Fountain Baby’s 1 billion stream celebration. 

With seven new songs, the Deluxe, unlike the original EP, features two artists- OVO signee, Naomi Sharon and 6LACK, on Wanted and Disguise (Remix), respectively. The Deluxe follows the same flow and mood as the original- lithe voice, mellow and uptemp cadences, with a shift between afrobeats and alté blends- curated to give listeners something to bop to this summer. 

While the tape boasts some great songs that touch on various themes from self-love, God, sensuality, and affirmations, the standout song is arguably THUG, an acronym that is a reference from the ongoing YSL trial in which THUG was explained as (Truly Humble Under God. Knowing how much of a Young Thug admirer Amaarae is, the song feels wholesome. However, on close listen, the song reveals the humility of the artist towards God. THUG could easily pass for a gospel song. At its core, the song is a prayer (Amaarae’s Prayer) and an acknowledgement of what God has done for her and her career. 

From a “Bad Bitch Whisperer” to a global popstar, Amaarae has always been true to her sound and creativity. The intentionality behind crafting songs that are reflective of her lifestyle has always made her a fan favorite. Exuding confidence through her lyricism and emitting sensuality as heard on the high tempo, yelp-filled ”jehowah witness”(knock on the pussy like kokoko), this project adds to Amaarae’s exceptional and growing discography. If you ever need to inject some self-confidence, affirmations, and sexiness, then Amaarae’s ‘‘Roses are Red, Tears of Blue” project is just what you need. 

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