Review: Eugy Talks The Highs and Lows of Love on “4 Play” EP

Versatility, largely shaped by his background and immediate environment is one of the treasured gifts in Eugy’s musical toolkit. In addition to this is his ability to be in sync with new trends thus tapping into all the latest musical trends. Throughout his career, the British-Ghanaian artist has underscored these in his art.

Having scored hits with songs like “Dance For Me”, “Don Corleone”, “Give It To Me”, “LoLo” and more, Eugy continues to showcase his artistry, the latest being “4 Play”, a four-track EP released a couple of days ago. The title of the EP is a double entendre: first, it alludes to the number of tracks on the EP, and second, a reference to sex. The latter is the theme on which the EP is pivoted.

4 Play” reflects the diverse musical influences that have shaped Eugy’s own sonic palette. On the “Intro” of “4 Play”, the influence of trap-soul runs over the record, setting off the story arch of the EP. The song describes his lifestyle: ”got a thing for the paper” and “in the city getting loose”. The song ends with a voice mail from a girl thanking him ‘for last night”.

On ”Forever”, the afro-swing tune which happens to be the most infectious record off the tape, a smitten Eugy is ”faded” by her love. In an interview with him for Boomplay last weekend, Eugy disclosed how King Promise suggested the incorporation of the line ”min sumo bo” for greater effect.

The dancehall tempered “Feeling” is a confession of a man basking in the glow of love. “You give this a meaning when no one else could see it”, Eugy sings over the minimal beat that girds the song. The saccharine guitar led “Love Blind” leans heavily into the RnB/Soul soundscape, with Eugy highlighting the bumps in his relationship. “If I could press rewind, I promise I would” he croons on the opening line of the verse, before revealing his flawed ways: “I’ve been wilding out without my girl”.

With a running time of less than 10 minutes, Eugy crafted an EP that has very high replay value with relatable love tales. “4Play” is akin to a journal entry with each song as a chapter where detailed perspectives on his actions or feelings are clarified. The only downside to this EP is its brevity, but again, that’s what offers the EP its glamour.

4Play” is available on all streaming platforms

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