Press Release: Sofie To Release of New Single ”Motions” on Sept. 6

’Motions’’ will take you on a colourful, fun roller-coaster ride. You will be lifted up and thrown down and taken up again. Get ready to vibe to the Urban pop sounds of this track. Waves

Sofie is a singer/songwriter from Ghana who has grown up in Oxfordshire in the UK for the most part but was always back and forth from Ghana throughout her life. She plays the acoustic and electric guitar and a little piano. She released her debut single ‘Touch My Soul’ in September 2016, which followed the release of her self-titled EP ‘Sofie’ in November 2016. Last summer, she released 2 new singles ‘Crimson Sun’ and ‘Lost In Your Eyes.’ Sofie is now based in Boston and just finished her second year of university at the Berklee College of Music.

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Career highlights so far have been playing the main stage at the Chalewote Festival in Accra the summer of 2017; completing her 2nd year at the Berklee College of Music and continuing onto the 3rd year; performing at The African Diaspora Homecoming Conference Gala Night to celebrate Ghana’s 60th independence.

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She has also headlined Gig in Boston at The Red Room, Café 939 and performing at the ‘Women of Colour’ celebration with a hip hop ensemble in Boston/rapping with the American Hip Hop Recording Artist Yo-Yo.

Motions” will be available on all music streaming platforms on Friday, September 6.

Cover art painted by my sister Crystal Svanikier: @oranabutterfly

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