MzVee scores high with her visually appealing video ‘Sing My Name’

There are three things you can’t take for granted when you are rising to the top as an artist. First, the music you make. Two, a strong brand; and three, the visuals that accompany your videos must be absolutely appealing.
The third is what MzVee has done with her latest video for ‘Sing My Name’. The KP Selorm directed video is eye catching. The visuals are clean, the lightning is supremely beautiful and the colour grading is spotless.
That’s what money does, anyway. Her label, Lynx Entertainment is currently resting on the music charts through their other two artists- KiDi (with ”Odo”) and Kuami Eugene (”Angela”). This second Lynx Entertainment wave is an attempt at capturing the upper echelons of the music scene which they once dominated circa 2007 to 2012.
Back to MzVee’s video. The concept is simple: start your day in the gym and end up later in the club. MzVee performs plays a gym instructor taking her female clients through various exercise- stretches, dancing, biking and yoga. The scene looks more like a sorority girl club having a good time on a Saturday morning.

The colour grading, the use of light and the camera angles – both close-up and long shots- offer whoever watches an appreciative view of the work that went into the making of the video.
The video transitions from the gym to the club, where we are bombarded with a lot of neon lights and well crafted neon colour graphics. MzVee and her girls and Patoranking (featured on the song) have their bodies draped with graphics, similar to something from a Missy Elliott creative book. KP Selorm places black-and-white moments in-between the heavily neon video.
With artists, labels and managers becoming aware of the need to invest in visuals, since its one of the ways to capture the attention of people, both locally and outside of the artists locale, video directors are also crafting some amazing pieces of work to tell that story. Clearly, MzVee and her team recognizes this fact.

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