Is Wan-O the New Rap King?

Artwork matters and in recent times many artistes are coming to the realization. The positives it accrues to an artistes has led then to investing in brilliant works that not only  visibly captures the themes of their albums or singles, but also, reflect how serious they take their business. 
This new trend has been amply discussed by our own Swaye Kidd in a previous article. And rapper Kojo Cue aptly captured it’s essence on Branding Pt.3: ”s3 wo artwork nu ny3 ah, y3 ntem ko hu Hanson” (Hanson (@theDZfa) is one of Ghana’s foremost digital artistes. Check his site
Rapper Wan-O has released artwork for his soon to be released single ‘King’. The provocative and bold artwork has Wan-O sitting comfortably on a throne surrounded by the decapitated heads of the biggest rappers: EL, M.anifest, Sarkodie and Medikal-biggest rappers at the moment- . Wan-O is being crowned as king (of rap) by Reggie Rockstone.
The controversial bit about the artwork is the severed heads. This, in many ways, is familiar to the Viking tradition of over thousand of years where Sigurd The Mighty, the Viking ruler of Orkney beheaded the leaders of the people he conquered in battles.
This is the statement Wan-O is communicating: I’m here to ‘murder’ those who proclaim Kings and take the throne. Big statement from a new artiste trying to break into mainstream rap scene in Ghana.
The ‘King’ is scheduled for release on May 25th along with the video which would be premiered at Khona , Osu.  Other supporting acts include Adomaa, Feli Nuna,  Lil Shaker, Magnom, Ntelabi, Fortune Dane, Jason EL-A, CJ Biggerman, Reynolds the Gentleman,  Kwachie-Adie, Last Bornny, Mike Feli, Fifi Legend, MC Winky,
by Manny FBC (@MannyFBC)

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