Cina Soul Gets Emotional At “We Are Universal” Private Concert

After signing to Universal Music Nigeria (UMN) and releasing an Afro Dance Music (ADM) remix of her soulful ballad 00:01, now 12:01, along with a video, Cina Soul chose to formally announce the deal with an short, intimate, mini-concert.
Hosted by La Villa Boutique at Osu, the evening saw her perform songs from her 2016 Metanoia EP and her recent single(12:01).
Backed by the Senku Band – a drummer, a keyboardist and guitarist who were incredible on the night-they ensured the evening was more of a party jam than a soulful rendition of tunes.

Cina Soul performed songs like her breakthrough single ‘Awo‘ and ‘Julor‘, where she rapped portions of M.anifest’s verse. She then performed a yet to be released song.
For what was to be a happy event took an emotional turn when Cina Soul sent out an emotional thanks to her mum and family for their support and love. Teary eyed, she introduced her sister ‘who sacrificed her singing career for me’ on stage.
On the idea for her new moniker, Kla Manye, she explained that ‘I add soul to everything (music) I do… Kla Manye means ‘Queen of Soul’. And that’s ‘my alter ego‘. In what could be described as a move to confirm her new alias, she performed a song that drips in traditional Ga folk influence, which she credited her Jamestown roots for. ‘This is to my Jamestown people’, she indicated.

After an encore performance of ’12:01′, the Universal Music Nigeria representative who was enchanted by a Cina Soul song during her time in Ghana announced a surprise: Cina will be getting an album deal rather than a single deal. This drew resounding applauds from those present.
For a show that started two hours late (it was scheduled at 6pm), and lasted for an hour, it was hugely successful. Cina entertained and the invited guests left with memories of history being made.
Now that her dream of getting signed by a major label has been fulfilled in ‘this short time’, the enormity of the pressure to live up to expectations are not lost on her. ‘I want you to know Cina won’t disgrace you‘. Cina looks prepared to make her fans and the industry proud.

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