Angels In Tibet, A Story of Luxury and Lust by Amaarae

Angels In Tibet, A Story of Luxury and Lust by Amaarae

It may be a new year, but we are still in the era of Fountain Baby. After dropping one of the best albums from 2023, Ghanaian superstar Amaarae, who is currently on her Fountain Baby Tour, has finally dropped the video for the hit single “Angels in Tibet” off her album Fountain Baby. The song that is currently topping charts and scoring major feats around the world is the fourth song with a video from the tape, and the second with its video being released after the project dropped.

Directed by Yavez Anthonio, the video features celebrated dancers Hamly and Beaulexx, who are seen performing some dazzling dance moves- blending radiant swagger with magnetic sex appeal, mostly around and behind Ama in multiple scenes in the video.

Shot in the LA Theatre, the setting gave the video the right feel. The architecture, aesthetics, and scenery provide the video with the angelic feel the song exudes. It is this writer’s understanding that the song “Angels in Tibet” is a story of love, lust, and desire. It also doubles as an appreciation for the finer things in life. A quick search on Amaarae reveals she is a woman keen on luxury and the finest accessories and brands of life, as confirmed by the lyrics: “I like chains on chains/ Louvre and Armani/ I like how you say it/… I took a trip to the stylist today/…I spent the bitch like I’m spending the paper.”

Photo Credit: Yavez Anthonio

Phot Credit: Yavez Anthonio

Listening to the song, it would not be farfetched to say Amaarae is hedonistic. The chorus of the song “That Dior (In the club)/ Take it off (In the club)/ Pay homage (In the club)/ To the god (In the club)” and other lines from the song are all the validation you need to prove that Ama does not compromise on pleasure as evidenced by the mesmeric video. Even the opening line of the song “Fountain baby, wash her, make it wet” should have been an insight into the theme of the song.

With regards to the other meanings of the song, the video only provides glimpses of them through the chemistry in the choreography by Hamly and Beaulexx. The video is enjoyable but might leave viewers with questions about the other subtle themes of the song, which may not have been explicitly shown in the video.

In an article by Rolling Stones, Amaarae revealed that she was working on dropping a remix to the song, which is described as “Dream Remix,” and also talked about dropping an EP later this year. As we wait on the EP, make sure you attend an Amaarae show if she pops up in your city or around. She has a busy lineup of shows ahead of her later this month, including tour stops in Houston, Chicago, and Atlanta, as well as performances at multiple festivals, including Dreamville Festival.

In the meantime, keep streaming Fountain Baby and enjoy the visuals for Angels in Tibet.

Article by: Nana Kojo Mula, a Talent/ Media Relations and Communication Specialist with interest in arts and culture.

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