A Radiant Orbital Pleasure Is What Gafacci Offers on “TASH BNM”

TASH BNM” is hemmed with the tact and confidence of a seasoned producer“.

If sonic experimentation had a face, it would surely be that of Gafacci. The Ghanaian producer has over a decade been a feature on the Ghanaian music scene; a fixture in the evolutionary process of the Ghanaian soundscape. As a producer, he has been involved with hip hop/rap, afropop, RnB and many other musical waves. Around 2012 when Azonto became the major musical stable for many, Gafacci- along with the criminally underrated musical gem, NSHONA Muzik were proponents of the sonic explosion.

“TASH BNM” (‘’Tash Bought New Music”, for long), the 4 track, 17 minute EP by Gafacci validates his musical gifts; first as a producer, and second, as a fearless, genre-bending wizard. “TASH BNM” is an exercise in genre fusion- Gafacci, like a chemist takes and mixes portions of influences from Ghanaian asorkpor, lo-fi music, jazz and a bit of hip hop into a cauldron of soothing, relaxing experience.

Picture by Valerie Siba

Unlike previous production work by Gafacci that pour with maximum exuberance, “TASH BNM” takes the opposite direction. The EP is minimal and mid-tempo; crafted to exude a pleasurable feeling.

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“Afro Lofi”, the first song off the EP reflect these musical traits. Composed mainly of lucid synths, chopped- and-screwed vocals, soft drum kicks and syrup guitar rhythms played by Nii Quaye, one of the best guitarist around, Chefbanku flavourizes the composition with vocals delivered in Ga. (Was that riff played by Nii Quaye something from A.B. Crentsil’s “Ye Wo Adze Oye”?).

On “Like Water” featuring the sensational Amaarae, Gafacci’s enchanting production affords Amaarae enough room to glide over the beat; her falsetto voice causing gentle ripples over the impressive, xylophone clacking beat. Gafacci drafts Kyekyeku, a master guitarist on “Lavapies To Labadi” where the latter’s masterful guitar playing expertise interlaces with the mid-tempo tune of the song. “Same Vibe” with rapper, Tinuke and Lazee combines lo-fi vibes with pop embellishments. This is the only song that could pass as a radio record.

“TASH BNM” is Gafacci showing off his depth and range as a producer who has, at the centre of his craft, a knack for experimentation. The EP is not a bunkum of sounds. That is, it is not all over the place. “TASH BNM” is hemmed with the tact and confidence of a seasoned producer. And if you needed any more reason to take a serious look at Gafacci as one of the brightest producers in Ghana, listen to the orbital pleasure that surround “TASH BNM”

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