2021 Video Sponsors List

Call 0246797553 / 0240937337 or email if you’re interested in a video sponsorship slot

January – Negus Ships

Have you tried Shopping from your favorite/ most convenient store in the US? Yet, import duties, shipping cost, and the headache of losing your items along the way stop you?

Negus Ships has an address in the US to receive your package after ordering online, a well-trusted flight route to Ghana, and relatively low costs for your item.

So, ship anything you want from Amazon, and get it in less than 5 days from Amazon’s delivery day. (This simply means if Amazon delivers to our address in the US on the 1st, your item would be in your hand before the 5th.)

NB: All items are weighed for actual pricing

January II – Ometsey (Fashion)

Looking for the best in women fashion, with affordable pricing? Ometsey is the brand you need

We specialise in ready-to-wear and bespoke. Check out “Ometsey Official” on social media platforms for more information.

Contact: 0543821846

February I – Ekuwa Art

Are you a lover of pleasant aesthetics and how art changes up the scene in any environment?

Then, get your next minimalist avant-garde art pieces from or, find us on social media @EkuwaArt.

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