Talking Verses: Pappy Kojo Dazzling Verse on “All Black”

Black has been my favourite colour for as long as I remember. It has come to underline a basic philosophy of life that I hold. My love for black almost led to a rare disagreement between myself and my dad. I was about to enter the University. As it was, I had to get new clothes for school. Shopping money […]

THE CUTS: EP 06 Vol.7

THE CUTS is a weekly review that introduces you to new songs and videos. The songs and videos covered are not genre or region-specific. Once we find it dope, we’ll share our thoughts on it here. Seyyoh – Get It Right The quarantine season has offered much more than a period of rest. After all, how does one rest when […]

Interview: Lamie Is Looking Forward To Better Days

One of the exciting things about the music industry is the fact that, each day brings with it a new voice, a new talent with enough potential to earn their stripes. Talk to them and they all hold the same dreams: they all want to succeed, make an impact and leave behind a body of work that would influence a […]

OIEE, M3NSA And Amaarae Team Up on ‘Still Dey Inside”

M3NSA’s name won’t be lost on anyone who was old enough to remember the late 90s when hiplife took off in Ghana. The rapper, singer, producer was involved in helping entrench hiplife as a genre in Ghana , as an member of the rap group Life Line Family. At the young age of 16/17 years, he was producing songs for […]

My Beef With The ‘Golden Era Of Hiplife’ Tag

“The most valiant thing you can do as an artist is to inspire someone else to be creative.” If social studies ever succeeded in teaching us anything, it was the fact that it taught us the meaning of culture. The fact that it was dynamic, subjected to the changing times and bound by the feeling or the mode of the […]

Golden Nuggets From Your Favourite Priest, Okomfuo Kwadee

Okomfuo Kwadee explores the issue of infidelity by comparing and contrasting the various qualities of his wife and girlfriend one of his notable songs. What do you look for in music? The answer to this question varies from person to person. Music lovers listen to music for several reasons. Some listen to music to reminisce the keenest of their memories; […]

Kofi Kinaata: A Gem From The West

Accolades, when showered on a young talented artist could either inspire them or weigh them down. The toll becomes even daunting when the praise comes from a revered voice in the same trade as the one you are pursuing. There is more pressure when that accolade comes from someone who also hails from the same region as the one they […]

Interview: Eff The DJ Discusses Growth, Visibility, Brand Leverage And Covid-19

‘’Rewarding, Draining, Bitter-sweet’’. These were the adjectives Eff The DJ chose to describe the year 2019 in respect to his fledging career. As one of the most exciting DJs in the city of Accra, the afro wearing, digital strategist in the day and a DJ at night showed to be proud of the year he had. But, in typical fashion, […]

ASEM Versus TEMA: A Detailed Investigation

If there is anything good that this Coronavirus induced global lockdown has contributed to the entertainment scene, it is the fact that it has made people creative. Rappers and DJs have found a way to spend time with their fans via social media. Instagram Live has become the concert hall where many go to have a good time. In the […]