THE CUTS is a weekly review of songs, videos and albums you must hear. The songs and videos covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it will be reviewed or featured.

P-Yung – Atta Adwoa

Once in a while, an artiste with ‘weirdly’ exciting appeal comes along, winning hearts of fans. The roster of artiste with such appeal is tall: Lord Kenya, Kwadee, Wanlov, Kwaw Kese, and more. Their ‘weirdness’ is compensated for by their brilliance on the mic. P-Yung seems to be edging closer to making that list. The young artiste morphs the appeal of alternative music with mainstream aesthetics. His song, “Atta Adwoa” exude these qualities.

It’s really not much about the quality of the song -per lyrics. Rather the manner he delivers his missive about his beautiful relationship with Atta Adwoa. P-Yung blends rap and singing over a trap beat. His vocals are tempered with autotune, giving it a piercing but interesting feel. His style of delivery sounds comical yet catchy. And that is the appeal of P-Yung, whose COLOURS-esque video is getting traction online. “Atta Adwoa” is taken from his 7-track project “Awiesu”. P-Yung has got people’s attention. How he sustains their interest is the next step.

Tradey – One Day

Tales about struggle and the challenges life present is not a new field for artistes to mine. While established artistes look back on their struggles as a source of introspective reflection – and show of gratitude, young, upcoming artistes use it as a source of motivation. Comb through the catalogue of new artistes and these tales dot across their lyrics. The “me too I suffer some” stories are not the issue. After all, what is life without pain?. How it is delivered is what is of great importance.

Tradey shares his life story – at least, a part of his story on “One Day”. It’s a hip hop track stewed in trap broth. The track’s appeal lies more in the honesty his words convey than anything else. “2018 for the boy was a flop, the moves I make all john”, he stresses. (This record was made in 2018). Tradey admits to personal losses like getting ditched by his girl, trying to find a stable job and how his friend urged him to not abandon music. Giving up is not an option for Tradey, as he declares on the hook of the Anae produced, laid back tune “one day, one day we go blow”.

David Bolton ft. Samini – Odo Fofro

If you are a keen listener of Accra based Hitz FM, the name David Bolton would sound familiar. The music pundit (that is the hat he wears on the show) is also an IT specialist and an entrepreneur. Music is also one of the many talents David embodies as his song “Odo Fofro” reveals.

The lovers’ rock/reggae song sees David and Samini affirming their love for their partners while promising them that “sweet life”. The video for “Odo Fofro” is lush, showcasing a luxury lifestyle (private jet, cars) and the richness of traditional Ghanaian culture (marriage ceremony, ceremonial walk in his hometown of Gomoa Otuam in the Central Region and more). My only criticism is how David Bolton kept anglicizing his Twi throughout the song. Also, those close to him should encourage him to sing in Fante, if he could speak it well.

Eno Barony ft. Akwaboah – V.O.T

Eno Barony is not happy with how the industry is treating her. She makes her thoughts known on her latest record titled V.O.T (Voice of Truth). The rapper takes aim at critics, gatekeepers and everyone who has not taken her serious or respected her talent for one reason or the other. Eno comes out of the gate with hard-hiting words: ”If you didn’t like my lifestyle in 2019, 2020 I promise to put pepper in your eyes”.

The rapping talent of Eno Barony has never been in doubt. She can dance circles around many male artistes who are enjoying fame yet she barely get the desired attention. On V.O.T, she ascribes this to lack of support from people, her buffy looks and the bias existing in the industry – her gender being one of it. Akwaboah comes on at the end of her two verses to first, emphasize Eno’s frustrations and second, add melody to the whole song.

ReeZon ft Rison – Ayekoo

ReeZon kicks off the year 2020 with a spanking new song, ”Ayekoo‘. Produced by veteran music producer Possigee, ‘Ayekoo’ is a love song that features the soothing voice of Rych Entertainment signee, Rison (pronounced ”Rising”). All-in-all, ‘Ayekoo’ is a piece that celebrates the worth, character and beauty of a woman who’s loving gives ”healing” – a feeling ReeZon loves. ReeZon and Rison are an absolute joy to listen to and yes, ReeZon comes through with some real solid delivery and lyricism!