Talking Verses: M3NSA on “Far Away”

“Sometimes I just need to be alone/Sometimes I just want to be in my own zone”. M3NSA croons on the short bridge connecting his rap verse to the hook of “Far Away”, the sixth song- and one of the instant standouts off Joey B’s recently released “Lava Feels”. Having listened to the song a couple of times, I’m still surprised […]

Talking Verses: Pappy Kojo Dazzling Verse on “All Black”

Black has been my favourite colour for as long as I remember. It has come to underline a basic philosophy of life that I hold. My love for black almost led to a rare disagreement between myself and my dad. I was about to enter the University. As it was, I had to get new clothes for school. Shopping money […]

Talking Verses: Kuvie Is A Bad Ass Producer

I’m sure readers who have been following our series ‘’Talking Verses’’ would be surprised to see Kuvie as the one we are spotlighting this week. It’s deliberate, if you consider the sort of work he pulled on two records for two different artists. Kuvie ‘beat verse’ therefore deserves to be talked about. For those who might not know Kuvie, the […]