These Are The Artists To Watch In 2019

2018 was a breakthrough year for some new and emerging voices within the music scene. Their years of efforts paid off, with their songs becoming staples for music fans, DJs and radio stations. The explosion of their songs happened online – on social media, before crossing over to the traditional media outlets. With fans clamouring for their songs, event organisers […]

RJZ Chose A Short Route To Fame By Sticking To The Hackneyed Rule Book On Stunts

When the internet goes into frenzy mode, which is usually off some controversial subject involving someone with online clout, opinions are submitted by all kinds of people. The views stretch from strong and spirited to humor laced ones; and from accusatory to defensiveness. When two ladies took to the timeline to accuse the young rapper, singer and designer, RJZ of […]

THE CUTS: EP 03 Vol. 6

Lyrical Wanzam ft Bebelino & Looney – What The Fcuk Is Hiplife Lyrical Wanzam returns to the music scene after a break with a new single destined to ruffle a few feathers. The bold, audacious title ‘What The Fcuk Is Hiplife?’ doesn’t only question why hip life is a separate genre from hip-hop, but takes shots at those who named […]

NXWRTH Soaks Pain Over Orbital Vibes on ”MAMA”

It is quiet hard to recall any young producer tipped for stellar achievements in the not far distant future like Nxwrth. Over a short period of time, the 21 year old producer and member of Collective, LaMeme Gang has played a significant role in shaping the sound of the group. On Monday, Nxwrth put out his first single of the […]

00:01 – “Ci, Na she touch my Soul oo”

  There’s everything gorgeous about Cina Soul when it comes to her music and her visuals. Each word in her lyric captures an emotive feeling. And each image in her videos advances the words even more. Her voice stirs emotions deep within you (doesn’t your hair stand when she sings? Mine does) and she knows how to use it perfectly. […]

THE CUTS: EP 02 Vol. 11

THE CUTS is your weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention and think you must hear or see. The music featured aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY.     Kula – Don’t Do It Subs! Subs!! Subs!!! The two versed ‘Don’t Do’ It is full of subliminal shots at people of all shades- self styled social […]