Talking Verses: M3NSA on “Far Away”

“Sometimes I just need to be alone/Sometimes I just want to be in my own zone”. M3NSA croons on the short bridge connecting his rap verse to the hook of “Far Away”, the sixth song- and one of the instant standouts off Joey B’s recently released “Lava Feels”. Having listened to the song a couple of times, I’m still surprised […]

Watch Video: M3NSA Waves His Socio-Political Memo On “Eyes But No Eyes”

M3NSA is a creative genius and remains one of the most politically observant artists of our time. On singles like “How Far” and “Gidigidi” and full length projects – either singularly or jointly (with fellow RedRed act, DJ Elo) or his friend and collaborator, Wanlov (one-half of FOKN Bois, a group M3NSA belongs), the two have frequently touched on social […]

Concert Review: The “Connection Concert” Was a Trip Down Two Time Spaces

20th April ’18. There were a series of Global happenings on this day – Arsene Wenger finally announces he’s leaving Arsenal FC, J. Cole Released K.O.D, Cina Soul also released new video under Universal Music and Avicii passed away, RIP Champ. – And also there was the ‘Connection Concert‘ that took place at Alliance Francaise. A memorable evening where both […]