#OccupyJulorbiHouse: Dear Artists, Here Is  Why You Need To Give A F**K!

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” – Martin Luther King Jr. Who benefits from protests? Which crop of people are to lead a protest? How does one ensure a buy-in from across all sections of […]

Review: Avit – “Election Day” EP

Avit draws the veil back again on the raw deal that our politics offer on “Election Day”. Avitiduen Abisa hails from the Upper East Region, specifically Wiaga. Music has always been around him growing up. Harnessing the various musical influences on which he grew up, Avit has successfully coupled them, and in his own way, built a musical canopy as […]

Album Review: “Red Card: Minstrel Cycle” By Wanlov

If there is one thing Wanlov has been consistently great at, it is his continuous mission to steer our minds – and our eyes- towards the shenanigans of our political leaders, often carried out unapologetically and in broad daylight since the 1950s. Wanlov has a knack at presenting various instances involving our politicians who obfuscate our national progress. He does […]

Kwé Is Here With The Groove And Good Stories on Debut EP

Kwé has undergone metamorphose with regards to his new name. The Ghanaian musician and producer used to go by the name Psyko. And the metamorphosis came with the release of his self-titled debut EP.  Kweku Nelson aka Kwé (a short form of his real name Kweku) has been making music for a while. In 2017, he released two projects- a […]

Aside Contents, Falz Scored High With The Samples on Moral Instruction.

“What is the essence of debating, when you know the truth in our mind” – Falz, Hypocrite 2018 was the year Nigerian rapper cum social commentator, Falz earned his recognition as one of the most socially conscious rappers of his generation. This accolade came at the back of his “This Is Nigeria” song and video released in May. The song […]

Watch Video: M3NSA Waves His Socio-Political Memo On “Eyes But No Eyes”

M3NSA is a creative genius and remains one of the most politically observant artists of our time. On singles like “How Far” and “Gidigidi” and full length projects – either singularly or jointly (with fellow RedRed act, DJ Elo) or his friend and collaborator, Wanlov (one-half of FOKN Bois, a group M3NSA belongs), the two have frequently touched on social […]

THE CUTS: EP 03 Vol. 19

THE CUTS is a short review of songs, videos or albums that we think you need to hear or watch. The music is not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it will be covered. Poetra Asantewa – Hungry ‘Hungry’ examines the relationship between country/society (Ghana) and its citizens through the prism of Poetra. The poem highlights the raw […]

Tribute: Ace Highlife Artist Jewel Ackah’s Voice Shall Continue To Ring.

For some of today’s generation, Jewel Kofi Ackah is known as the man who composed the popular “Arise, Arise” anthem for the National Democratic Party in 1992. Ghana was transitioning from military dictatorship to democratic governance, and the last leg of the completion process was an election to be held in 1992. The then military leader turned democrat, Flt. Lt. […]

Video: Nigerian Crooner Brymo screams “Heya”

Brymo is noted for his unconventionality. His bravery to push the boundaries of music and his art is revealed in each project he releases. He’s among a few Nigerian artists who defy pop culture stereotypes. His songs are mostly meditative; eschewing the up-tempo, party music engravings that abound today. The incorporation of afrobeat elements and his social commentary clad lyrics […]

An interview with Award winning Tunisian filmmaker Selim Gribba

If the law is retrograde, it is a duty to transgress and move the red lines On December 17, 2010, twenty-six-year-old fruit and vegetable vendor, Mohammed Bouazizi, from the  rural town of  Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia , was allegedly insulted and  slapped by the police because he refused to hand over his cart to the authorities. Humiliated, Mohammed marched to […]