E.L Takes Music Lovers Partying on “Chop Life”

Award-winning Ghanaian rapper E.L, born Elom Adablah, returns to the music scene with a party smash titled “Chop Life.” The song, released on April 19, 2023, comes a year after his last music release. “Chop Life” is a party hip-hop tune that incorporates elements of alternative hip-hop, UK grime, and pop rap. The track boasts a catchy chorus and energetic […]

The Night Kontihene Shocked The Music Industry.

The year was 2003. The National Theatre was the venue. The suspense was hitting a crescendo after the audience had danced,clapped and laughed to side splitting jokes from the MC of the night, the indefatigable Kwame Sefa-Kayi. Many inside the National Theatre auditorium had seen their favourite artists pick up awards. The clock was ticking towards the biggest award of […]