Pop Cultural Coast (Music): A brief reference to the contemporary cultural scene in Ghana

A Pop Cultural canvas with its painting brush, perhaps, held by some of the best contemporary tastemakers — such as animator Prince Ampofo Osei Bonsu (Feoisugly); Ghanaian-Béninoise photographer Daron Bandeira and photojournalist Ofoe Amegavie; couturiers like Atto Tetteh; curators like BZDRKO; sound engineers like Nxwrth; defiant artists like artsoulkojo and  filmmakers like Akosua Adoma Owusu and the eccentric Togbe Gavua […]

Spotlight: How Digital Artist/Illustrator Feoisugly Went From Paying His Dues to Getting Paid His Dues

  ‘Time and communication, those are the major keys. It sounds obvious but if you slip up on those fronts, everything else crumbles’. For most illustrators or digital artists, comic strips are usually the fire that sparks their interest- their minds become the gun powder. But, for Prince Ampofo Bonsu, known as FeoIsUgly, his interest was sparked by watching cartoons […]