Kyei Nwom’s “Damebi” Is The Song You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of the cardinal sins of the music industry and its issue of over saturation of music is that, many good songs by young, unpopular artists get lost in the maze. If you are lucky or belong to the group of music diggers who don’t consume most of what mainstream radio serves, you are bound to find some of these […]

Akwaboah Keeps The Fine Spirit of Highlife On ‘M’afutusem’.

The enchanting beauty of highlife music lies in its great rhythmic compositions, real life stories the musicians expertly craft, the soothing feel the music exude. These elements or properties end up pulling you, the listener, along. As you nod and do your one-two steps, you are also fed with profound life lessons. Concerns have been expressed by some highlife veterans […]