Poet SharkMellon Tackles Greed And Corruption on “Merchants of Accra And Lagos”

Poet and Playwright, Sharkmellon (real name Shakiru Akinyemi) has had and seen enough of the debilitating effects of corruption and greed, perpetuated by the ruling class and their cronies across many African countries. His frustrations and fears are contained in his latest poem, “Merchants of Accra And Lagos”. Sharkmellon provides the background and inspiration behind this spoken word poem: It’s […]

Year 2016 in Retrospect: Poetry in Ghana

So, a couple of months ago, I asked writer and poet O’Zionn to share with me his best 2016 moments in the Ghana Poetry and Spoken word scene. In this post, he list a few under various categories. Here is his list. It’s been just a few years since I actively joined the burgeoning poetry scene in Ghana. And it’s […]

Listen To ‘Unlisted’ by POETYK PRYNX

‘For all millennials, who are fearless, chasing their dreams against all odds‘. An apt descriptive note accompanying ‘Unlisted’, the eight track spoken word EP released by POETYK PRYNX, today. A young Ghanaian, known for his incredible artistic gifts – he’s a poet, writer, saxophonist, illustrator, graphic designer and a graduate in physics (Electronics Major) – POETYK PRYNX is also an […]

EP Review: Holes In A Pair by Slimo

Any avid watcher of the poetry scene in Ghana today would have noticed the vibrancy and energetic efforts at pushing the artform towards the centre of entertainment.  Poets are leading this effort through the release of various projects-mostly EPs. This year has seen the release of some compelling body of work by some leading voices within the poetry scene; picking […]

Music Review: Serwa Akoto by YOM (Writer Poet)

Yom tackles the issue of skin bleaching on his latest poem Serwa Akoto The name Serwa Akoto has somehow become synonymous to beauty thanks to the classic hit song Serwaa Akoto by the Yamoah International Band released in the 1970s. The name, based off the song title and lyrics, celebrated the beauty of Serwa Akoto. (Note: Serwa Akoto was a […]

Village Minds Production presents AMALE

Village Minds Production and Alliance Francaise presents “AMALE”. Amale as an event will encompass music, drama, spoken word, poetry and dance. The event will happen on the 8TH Day of April, 2017 at Alliance Francaise, Accra at 8 pm prompt Amale seeks to question the status quo and make ridicule of the gullible nature of man. Poetry performance, music and […]

Listen: Mutombo Da Poet releases ‘Fit In’ on Word Poetry Day

‘Looks like I’m surrounded by perfect beings who try to make me believe that they are flawless They have no blemish but I’ve even seen stainless steel rust so I know none is perfect’- FIT IN This is how one of Ghana’s known poets, Mutombo Da Poet, opens his new spoken word poem ‘Fit In’, a poem reminding us about […]

Asantewa with one A at the end? That’s an ‘Anomaly’

“I’m nearly certain that I’m not normal, I’m almost sure there’s no way I can be fixed. I’m an Anomaly.” In our world, society expects us to follow conventions and live a ‘normal life’. But what’s ‘normal’ anyway? On her latest spoken work piece, Poetra Asantewa, née Ama Asantewa Diaka, tackles this subject by reflecting on who she is: An Anomaly. […]