AKan Is Hopeful On “Mensei Da” featuring Efya

One thing is for sure: AKan is unique. Saying he can rap now rings like a cliche. Rapping is the easiest part of his craft; something he keeps revealing one song, one feature, one verse at a time. Across his previous bodies of work, from his debut self-titled EP “Akan” to his magnum opus “Onipa Akoma”, and a string of […]

Review: The Ashawos – “Gbeke Gbonyo”

First, their name is intriguing and would have you raise a brow in surprise. The word ‘Ashawo’ carries with it a negative connotation. It is a local term used to describe a prostitute. So, for a trio to change their name from “The Others Band” to “The Ashawos” is quite interesting. The reaction their name evokes reflect in their art. […]

Obuor and Phamous People (Philms) Made Art With Visuals

Obour’s name provokes mixed reaction within the creative space, specifically the music industry. His politics as the former head of MUSIGHA (Musicians Union of Ghana) for two terms of four years apiece brought in its wake disappointments if measured on the scale of expectations. His coming into office was considered by many as the change needed to necessitate a reformation […]

Talking Verses: M3NSA on “Far Away”

“Sometimes I just need to be alone/Sometimes I just want to be in my own zone”. M3NSA croons on the short bridge connecting his rap verse to the hook of “Far Away”, the sixth song- and one of the instant standouts off Joey B’s recently released “Lava Feels”. Having listened to the song a couple of times, I’m still surprised […]

The Radiance of NiiQuaye’s “Atomic Muse” Lies In Its Production And Features

“Atomic Muse” is a seven-track tape released by the multi-talented artist, NiiQuaye about a week ago. His name might not toll on the music scene in Ghana- he is not a front line or mainstream artist, yet. NiiQuaye’s talent, however, has been heard on many hit songs released over the years in this country. His contributions have come mostly by […]

KiDi Proves His Versatility With Blue: The EP

If you’re an OG KiDi fan (way before the Hitmaker days), you are well aware that the music he has been putting out since 2015 is different from what he was making earlier in his journey. Before he became a nationwide sensation on the music competition show, he was known mostly as an RnB/Soul artiste with unmatched vocal prowess among […]

Review: On “Lava Feels”, Joey B Punched Below Expectation

Joey B is like Peter Pan; caught up in his world of youthfulness and scared to emerge out of that cocoon despite his abundant potential. “7 years, are you not entertained?”. Joey B quizzed on his star-studded trap anthem “La Familia”. The accuracy of his calculation in terms of his active years as a rapper could be challenged but one […]

A New Wave of Artists Are Re-Awakening Live Performances In Ghana

A new generation of artists are re-awakening the art of live performances – and some of them are not even singers.  The death knell on live band music, a staple of Ghanaians of the 50s through to the late 70s, was the numerous military interregnums that engulfed the country, mostly in the 70s to the early 80s. For many observers […]

“No Long Talk”, M.anifest Declares

Perfect timing is everything. Knowing when to outdoor a new thing to elicit the right response from people takes a lot of analyses. Bad timing has robbed great products of impact. The opposite is also true. An aspect of perfect timing is that element of surprise; where you release the product when people least expect. The lasting effect you seek […]

Album Review: Marince Omario Charts His Path on “Oblitey”

Marince Omario describes himself in an interesting manner: “a musical creative and my music seeks to inspire and motivate the youth all the while promoting Ga traditional culture and lifestyle“. Marince knows himself and what he wants to do, especially with his music. His ability to reflect his culture in songs is what “Oblitey“, his latest 5-track EP embodies. In […]