The Battle Of Equals: How Lil Shaker And Ko-Jo Cue Sold Out A Battle.

A lot has happened in the musical lives of Lil_Shaker and Ko-Jo Cue since last year. The release of their album, ”Pen & Paper”, was acclaimed by both fans and critics. They held a concert- The Pen & Paper Concert– to celebrate its release last year. A few months ago, they picked the award for Best Special Effects Video at […]

Press Release: Apolo Releases 7 Track EP “Fila”

  Nigerian musician, author and creative, Apolo Imon dropped a 7 track EP entitled Fila. The crooner brings forth a mix of vibely mid-tempo beats and a dynamic voice to create the perfect post summer wave. The project was made in less than a week but does well to keep the audience bopping to each song. This is confident expression […]

Hama Breathes Heat In New “Big Up Freestyle” Video.

The consensus among those who have heard or know Hama is uniform: he’s one exciting talent. A reggae artist who always bring the requisite energy to records. He’s, simply put, a breath of fresh air. Over a short period, Hama has built a relatively good buzz for himself, albeit on few featured verses. Hama keeps proving his worth as one […]

Video: Tulenkey Speaks Against Child Abuse In New Video

Whenever the issue of child abuse is raised, the immediate picture that comes to mind is sexual exploitation or abuse. The statistics are very nauseating. According to the Advocacy Centre, 1 in 3 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18 while 1 in 5 boys are abused before their 18th birthday. In Ghana, the statistics are cringing: In […]

AYAT ‘GUDA’ Is An Excellent Work of Art.

The wait is over. All the online reminders to keep wait for something special has finally paid off. AYAT, the hausa trap lord has outdone himself once again. The visuals for ‘GUDA’ is strikingly amazing by all standards. Let me add this: if you want to enjoy a viewing experience, adjust the video quality to 2160p . Now, let’s agree […]

Goodbye Big Man, Jabba

I first considered the news a hoax when I stumbled upon it on my twitter timeline. I was dismissive. But, the itch to dig further for confirmation lingered, praying that the news would turn out false. Like they say, hopes and wishes vapourise in the face of reality. Jabulani Tsambo, known to many African hip hop fans as Hip Hop […]

Press Release: E.L Announces ‘’BVR’’ Mixtape; Shares Cover Art And Tracklist

  V.O Nation record label head honcho, E.L is set to release the fifth in his flagship ”BAR” projects. This year marks the 5th of E.L’s ”BAR” mixtape release and as such, the BAR V is creatively coined as ”BVR” (Siren Season). The multiple award-winning record producer and rapper, took to his various social media handles to also release the […]

Odunsi (The Engine) Finally Makes A ‘rare.’ Album.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why an artiste get so much praise yet, you seem lost on what exactly is their magic when you check out their music or works? You are mostly left asking what all the profuse praise is about? Like what makes that particular artist ‘special’? Often times, it takes a while- a couple of projects […]

Are Artists Perpetuating the Trope Against Women?

“Fear Woman” The stencilled inscription in all its gold blazoned character sits loudly behind this Toyota Hiace trotro bus (trotros are mini commuter buses). Like most inscriptions on commercial vehicles (both trotros and taxis), they express or communicate sentiments, either from personal experience, highlight a favourite proverb or a biblical reference. ‘Fear Women’ is one of the common refrain every […]


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