Spoken Word Artist, Hondred Percent Looks To The Future With “Senses”

When “Senses” was announced by spoken word artist and rapper Hondred Percent a few weeks ago, he thought it an opportunity to share back story and inspiration behind his poems, spend intimate time with his fans, and also build a solid fanbase with whom he could share his future projects with. ‘An artist is nothing without his fans’, he emphasized […]

OPINION: Asante Kingdom Has Trivialized  Kumawood To Its Own Detriment.

Asantes are a storied group of people. And they are great at telling it: it’s in their blood, in the swaggering braggadocio of their talk. It’s in the majesty of their king’s throne. From the Anglo-Ashanti Wars to the mighty decent of the Sika Dwa Kofi (the Golden Stool) from the sky, Asante history has been extensively advanced in Ghana’s […]

Album Review: On “The Whole Truth”, Sizz The Truth Showcases His Musical Style.

On his debut album, Sizz The Truth bears himself out to the listener: his insecurities, his ambitions and his guilty pleasures. These themes are well portrayed on ‘Longest Round’, the first single off the album, released last year. On ‘Longest Round’, Sizz hops from club to club; drinking double cupped liquor whiles attempting to hitch a one night stand. The […]


THE CUTS is a weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention or think you must hear. The music featured here aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY   EL – Joy It’s been a long road/ But I prevailed/Won’t be long till I find of destiny/ So, when you pray/ Remember, pray for Victory – […]

Throwback: Tommy Wiredu – Wo Do Mu Y3 Du

First things first, RIP to Tommy Wiredu, one of the most beautiful voices that graced the Ghanaian music scene in the late 90s till his untimely his death-through suicide on April 7th 2003. The circumstances surrounding his death wasn’t readily confirmed-albeit speculations suggested he was driven to his untimely death by debt. Tommy Wiredu had before his death become a […]

A (Late) Track-By-Track Review of Pen & Paper

This review is late in coming. But, as they say, better late than never. Contributor-At-Large, Nana Safo (@forksafo‏ ) decided to write a track-by-track review of the album, settling on which rapper came in the hardest on each track. This article is also to wish Lil Shaker a happy birthday. Enjoy his analysis. The plan was for Shaker to release […]