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AKan Is Hopeful On “Mensei Da” featuring Efya

One thing is for sure: AKan is unique. Saying he can rap now rings like a cliche. Rapping is the easiest part of his craft; something he keeps revealing one song, one feature, one verse at a time. Across his previous bodies of work, from his debut self-titled EP “Akan” to his magnum opus “Onipa Akoma”, and a string of singles to his name, AKan continues to push the boundaries of his art.

Mensei Da”, his new single featuring Efya affirms this fact. AKan is one artist who is not afraid to try new things. He is constantly revealing new creative styles through new flows, cadences and melodies. “Mensei Da” also entrenches the collaborative relationship existing between himself and longtime producer TwistedWavex.

Built around a taut electro-synth, a church-like piano rhythm and a lumbering bass line that lines the intersections of this minimally looped beat, the deceptive anticipation of a kick to uplift the mood of the record never arrives. Instead, AKan, like the talented rapper he is finds pockets in this beat which sounds like an unfinished work. Perhaps, it’s one of the tricks TwistedWavex pulled to add to the beauty of the record. Or, could it be his ‘I dare you to rap over this’ challenge to AKan? Whatever the intention, the outcome has piqued the interest of many.

The opening monologue or intro gives a clear indication of what was to unfold. AKan is heard assuring himself against quivering or losing his drive despite a sordid experience with love. “He who desires my downfall would end up with disgrace”, AKan would mutter. He employs a sing-rap style to present his version of events, revealing the scars of a sour affair. Efya’s verse mirrors that of AKan, except it comes from her perspective – how her partner never prioritized her as a lover. Her verse and ad-libs complimented the mood of the song. Switching to full rap, AKan would deliver the thrills of being a singleton: going and coming as he pleases, how the absence of stress from his ex has resulted in a weight gain and how he’s looking forward to a new love.

“Mensei Da” (I’d Prevail) adds to the list of love songs by AKan – songs that have him on the losing side of the love game. Previous works like “Akoma No Abuagumu (Manhole), “Daben” points to this. AKan’s incredible gift as a songwriter, rapper and his whole demeanour adds to his overall mystique; an identity that he is projecting, one song at a time.

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