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Ko-Jo Cue, Ayisi Star In A 70s Inspired “Wo Nsa Be Ka” Video

“Wo Nsa Beka”, one of the best songs off “For My Brothers”, the critically acclaimed, 15 track album by rapper Ko-Jo Cue has a video. Released a couple of hours ago, the 70s funk/rock era-inspired video also employs Kumawood styled storytelling as medium to conveying their message.

“Wo Nsa Beka”, a Akan phrase that translates as “You Shall Get Yours In Due Time” is vividly manifested in this video. Directed by ESIANYO KUMODZI, the video stars Ko-Jo Cue and Ayisi as a two-man band plucked from the 70s- think late 70s/early 80s Daddy Lumba or James Brown.

Draped in vintage 70s costume, Apollo-style lightening with jelly curls falling out of their caps, Ayisi takes his position as the crooner, with a guitar clutching Ko-Jo Cue playing the frontman of the band. Cue’s pose with his guitar is evocative of Jimi Hendrix during his heydays.

Like the lyrics of the song, the video follows the daily hustle of a man working towards becoming successful. Awash with debt, he seeks redemption in lottery. The outcome is, however, not jolly, thus amplifying the hook of the song “s3 wo de3 wo mu a, wo nsa be ka”, to wit: when it’s your time, it’s your time”.

“Wo Nsa Be Ka” is the third video released by Ko-Jo Cue off “For My Brothers”, an album considered by many as an Album of The Year contender.

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