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Norwegian-Ghanaian Artist & Producer King George VIII Releases Second Single Off Debut Album ”Queensland”; Set To Perform At Trondheim Calling 2020.

King George VIII is due to perform at Norwegian industry festival Trondheim Calling 2020, and thus kickstarts a big year of releases, touring and collaborating. First up on the menu, is the single and music video double release of the single “Out Of My League”, off the young artist’s debut album “Queensland”.

‘’Out Of My League’’ tells the tale of a young boy and his take on unrequited infatuation – how he merely views love as an impossibility, every girl of his desire quite simply socially “above” him. This situation, and indeed tale is one that the artist assumes is quite familiar amongst many. Sonically, it finds itself in the dimly lit corners of the intersection of modern R&B and stylistic yet minimal afro pop. Lending a voice on a guest verse is rising Ghanaian rapper Tripp Nie.

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The music video, switching between Trondheim (Norway) and Accra (Ghana) as locations, uses cold and dulcet tones to illustrate the desperation that unrequited love often comes with. The warmer visuals coming from Ghana also depict how youthful infatuation can be in contrast to the more “coming of age”-courtship that rapper Tripp tears into, during the song. Both video and audio are linked to directly below. The video is directed and shoot by Qalifa.

The cover of the single is painted by Sudanese artist Aala Sharfi. Aala also painted the three other cover artworks for the Queensland-album.

She has painted life stills from my childhood photographs from the 90s in Trondheim, Norway. For the Out of my league-cover, it is a picture of a one year old George with his parents, whilst all three gaze at an aquarium in the hospital, during a check up. 

The next live performance of the artist is:

KING GEORGE VIII live @ Trondheim Calling 30/01 & 01/02 – Trondheim, Norway @ Lokal Bar & Scene

About King George:

King George VIII is the moniker of 27-year old Norwegian/Ghanaian artist George Kwadwo Ofori. His work as a producer has spanned eight years and counting, with a passion for music preceding that well into his childhood. It is this very period of his life that has served as the inspiration for much of the young artist’s music; and this is well clad in a sonic cloak of afroinspired R&B, electronic music (personally dubbed afrotronics) and a renaissance of West African genres such as highlife and palm wine afrobeat. Plans are also in place to tour and continue to bring the King’s unique blend of two very different cultures alive and pulsating to a stage near you.

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