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Skillions Global Artiste TiTi Owusu Outdoors Debut Single ”KARMA” feat Itz Tiffany

There are people who are born to sing. And with each passing moment, they get drawn towards that destiny. Be it the gift of a singing voice, the people they encounter in life, the opportunities that fall their path, they consistently, sometimes unconsciously push towards that destiny. At a point, the passion to be an artist who brings inspiration and excitement to people becomes a vehicle towards fulfilling one’s destiny.

For many, the name TiTi Owusu may not immediately ring a bell. However, her voice might have been heard by some. The bubbly singer has contributed vocals on ‘’Beauty’’, ‘’Nice’’ and ‘’Sunshine’’; records by hip hop rapper/music producer and entrepreneur Jayso.

TiTi Owusu’s musical journey began at an early age when she used to accompany her grandmother to church. The church became the place where she cut her teeth as a singer. Even though she loved to sing, she never knew those years singing her heart out in the auditorium of The Church of Pentecost, Lapaz was her preparatory years towards a career in show business. The church was not the only place that offered the Accra born the opportunity to develop and showcase her vocal talents. Parties and weddings organized by her neighbors served as a talent grooming grounds for her.

Although TiTi Owusu knew she had the talent, it was not until her secondary school days that she consciously decided to inject a sense of seriousness to developing her musical talent. The former student of Ghana Secondary School in the Eastern region, would win the Best Female Singer/Rapper accolade in 2014. Such an accolade was not the first in her life. TiTi Owusu as a primary school student won a scholarship thanks to her musical ability from the age of nine (9) years till she was fourteen (14) years.

On what music means to her, the talented singer was unequivocal in her response: ‘’Music means everything to me, I don’t see myself living without it. I knew music was for me when I started picturing myself on big stages back in Junior high school, I’ve had visions and day dreams of myself singing my heart out on worldwide stages’.’

In 2014, she would emerge first runner-up in the music reality television show, Vodafone Icons. Her outstanding display during the course of the television show, not only validated her musical gifts, it also endeared her to some of the best music producers including Jayso whom she had worked with since.

TiTi Owusu is finally ready to step into the hallowed world of music after spending years developing her talent and recording music under the gaze of Jayso. TiTi Owusu is currently signed to UK based Skillions Global, an independent label, talent management and media group.

On 13th December, 2019, the amazing singer/songwriter would release her debut single titled ‘’Karma’’ featuring veteran female rapper/singer Itz Tiffany. A ‘’girl power’’ song, the artwork for the single is inspired by Rosie Riveter, the woman who became the face of working women during World War II.

Armed with a mellifluous voice, an impressive presence, years of development as an artist and surrounded by a team of talented individuals with years of experience in the music, TiTi Owusu is here for the long haul rather than a quick dip

The Song KARMA

Skillions Global Label is proud to present ‘KARMA’, the newest release from their talented signee, TiTi Owus. The new single, produced by award winning producer Jayso features Itz Tiffany.

The lyrics of ‘’KARMA’’ brims with honesty and plays on the theme of unrequited love; one filled with disappointment and broken heartedness. The afropop song carries an enchanting aura with TiTi pouring out her disappointment at the cheating ways of her lover.

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The mid-tempo record showcases the talent and versatility of TiTi Owus, as she fuses singing with rap in a satisfying manner. Her vocals on the song are firm and assuring. The lyrics are honest, relatable and bold as reflected on the artwork for the single. (The cover of the single shows the singer flexing her arm, similar to a ‘’Girl Power’’ pose. The pose is an exhibition of her strength and power).

Karma is a song you’ll enjoy and likely put on repeat over and over again.

For further updates and information kindly visit the social media pages of Skillions Global Label (Facebook – Skillions Global, Twitter and Instagram – @SkillionsGlobal) or TiTi (Facebook – TiTi Owusu, Twitter and Instagram – @TiTiOwusu).

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