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FOKN Wood: From Ghana, The Fight Against Homophobia Via Music

The Ghanaian duo releases the clip of “True Friends”, shot in a bar where, and it is rare in Ghana, the LGBTQ community can be without fear for his health.

These rascals FOKN Bois are back with a particularly committed clip. We knew them teasing, to put small pikes to their fellow musicians desperate to get on the radio, or to play codes of the Ghanaian society by choosing a name that has a significance for each generation. These FOKN Wood, not good for the older, cool for the youngest, so come out the clip of “True Friends” with the Nigerian rapper Mr Eazi, from their latest album:  Afrobeat LOL.

This clip comes out of the aesthetics usually proposed by the group, and this for a particular reason: “True Friends” was shot at Ayaata Corner in Bukom, a nightclub open to the LGBTQ community, an exception in Ghana, if is an act of resistance. Any relationship that is not heterosexual in Ghana is condemned by law, a legacy of British colonization. But crimes related to sexuality go further, since cunnilingus or oral sex, for example, are ” unnatural ” practices   and therefore punishable by imprisonment …

“We chose to shoot this video after traditional media in Ghana concocted an irresponsible story that LGBTQ youth in Ghana have moved away from heterosexuality because of poverty. In other words, history claimed that if they had a job, they would not be homosexual.  Explain Wanlov the Kubolor and M3nsa. In this video, they have surrounded themselves with professional dancers and activists of the LGBTQ cause. All of them are courageous because from now on, they put themselves forward in a country where love is not a reason because ”  any person indulging in unnatural carnal relations incurs a prison sentence that cannot be be under 5 years old and above 25 years old “(Art. 104 of the 1960 Act). The group recalls that with this clip they want to “defeat the colonial conservative pressure of Ghanaian society. Our activist friends in Bukom want everyone to know that being gay is not a choice, but homophobia is “before ending with these simple words:”  Be a true friend  “.

Fokn Bois will be performing at Petite Halle in Paris on November 14th.  

Find the interview of FOKN Bois in Bam Bam here

Find them in Neo Geo too. 

The article is written by Baptiste Artru and is culled from the french publication nova.fr

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