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M.anifest Begs His Way To Love In “Big Mad” Video

“Big Mad” arrived a week ago to profound excitement from the army of “Manifans” who have been badgering M.anifest to release new music. Since announcing the release of a new album- which would be his first in three years- the demand has been excessively deafening. A day never goes by without fans asking him about the album on twitter.

To quell any scepticism (or is it a case of getting them off his back?), M.anifest released “Big Mad”, the first official single off “The Gamble” and topped it with an alluring video a couple of days ago.

“Big Mad” is a song about love: a guy’s attempt at mollifying a lover incensed by his cheating ways. The strain in the relationship is made known by M.anifest, on the MikeMillsOn’Em, produced hip hop tune, rapping:

Mistakes have been made, can we white out?
Baby don’t leave, if you do, I go craze now
The past is the past can you please press erase now”

But Simi is not sold on this veiled apology. The amazing Nigerian crooner is not impressed by the explanation M.anifest proffers, singing on the hook of the song:

Oh you, said you was a good guy
But you never do right
You wanna play me for a fool?
You really wanna play me, play me for a fool
Tell me what are you gonna do?

“Ask Simi, you might see me”. M.Dot and Simi

The video for “Big Mad” is a tale of ‘nowhere cool’. Whereas M.anifest tries to mend his relationship with his partner, played by Fathia Nkrumah, Simi, in another world is nonchalant about the persuasive antics of her lover (played by Andrew M. Bunting). The video opens with M.anifest and Fathia attending what seems like a therapy session for couples.

M.anifest with Princess Fathia. Photo from his Twitter page

Co-directed by Apagnawen Annankra (Pag Studios) and Gene Adu, the motions of heartbreaks and the desperate attempts at fixing matters are amply demonstrated through the striking acting by Princess Fathia and Andrew. Like most M.anifest videos, there are symbolisms that excellently advances the narrative. The acting qualities aside, the overall texture of the video – impressive colour grading, angles of shot and the fashion on display enhances the alluring quality of the video. (I wish someone write a piece on the costumes worn by M.anifest and Fathia).

The moving parts of the video makes an interesting ending: Simi, who plays the therapist sobs as she listens to the couple argue their issues out. The tiff between her ‘clients’ captures the exact situation that confronts Simi back at home with her lover.

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