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Ko-Jo Cue – You Alone (Video)

Ko-Jo Cue emerges from the back of a crowd, pushing and shoving towards the front where the small congregated crowd stare at the photos of some great Ghanaian legends within the entertainment space who art had passed away. Images of legends like Super OD, Araba Stamp, Kiki Gyan, Charles Kofi (CK) Mann, Terry Bonchaka, Owusu-Ansah, Ronny Coaches plus others beam from a white wall. This scene and the accompanying images of the lost legends -along with the viewing crowd sit aptly within the theme of “You Alone”.

The song admonishes against living on borrowed terms. That is, people need to live and enjoy their lives based on what appeals to them rather than on the dictates of others. “You Alone” is a wake up call on all to grab life by the scruff, live it to your best potential “‘cos if you die, you p3 (only you) go go””.

On the second verse of this record, Ko-Jo Cue reminds us why living to please people who might not even care about you like you think is the highway to losing your own path and greatness. This he does by posing a series of important questions, ending with a line that essentially renders your fears invalid: So, why you dey worry so?”.

This world e be you pɛ
If your friends sef be negative lose them
Dem say you never go make it? Who’s dem?
Dem born you? Dem watch you?
Dem buy food make you chop you too?
If you jump from a bridge dem go jump too?
Same birthday? Same casket?
Same losses, same assets? No?
So why e dey worry you so? – Ko-Jo Cue, “You Alone

The video begins with the head of Ko-Jo Cue portrayed in an upside position. The eeriness and somberness of the video is artistically captured from 1:04 to 1:15 mark, where a 360 degree rotation of the camera, shows at first, a funeral ceremony. The black and white video shows Cue dressed in his suite, hands covered in white gloves with 6 feet inscribed over his head. The next few scenes capture the transition process- dying and judgement.

The video for “You Alone” embodies the same simplicity as conveyed on the song. Ko-Jo Cue and his team of creatives made sure they captured the spectrum of life, death and judgement; emphasizing the need to dance to your own rhythms.

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