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It’s Ms Fu With The Energy

There is a price to pay for desiring perfection. Nothing you ever do is good enough. Time is spent trying to create the perfect work. Seeking perfection is like chasing one’s shadow on a sunny day. No matter how much you try, you may never get to that point. Glitches are part of life and by extension, part of work especially in the creative sphere. The greatest creative minds of our time – and of old- failed to capture entirely the most perfect moments in their works.

It’s therefore unsurprising hearing creatives critique their own “perfect” work when the world is applauding them for their great handiwork. What usually happens with seeking perfection is that, the creator ends up losing their spot to someone who embraces imperfections – and ultimately finds an avenue to hide it in the final product. Fans might wait for the perfect art to be created by their favourite creative. But, someone else might come and sway their interest during the waiting period, and might never come back to their favourite.

Tthose who have been around Ms Fu would recognize her penchant for perfection in the art she creates. Her quest for the very best has meant holding on to some good stuff in her vault. It holds true that no creative enjoys being criticized – their works in particular. That fear muffles creativity. After all, what’s life without criticism?

Having hoarded so much music due, in part to her search for perfection, Ms Fu and her management have recognized the downside to this. Their new approach: clear the old cache to make way for some new music. Ms Fu and her team have therefore instituted a new-song-every-Thursday plan The first release under this new plan is “Energy”.

A hip hop track embalmed with trap aesthetics, “Energy” is a girls’ anthem about self-worth and earning your stripes. Bubbling with fiery enthusiasm courtesy the production talents of Lizz MiriBaby and NLMGNM, who mixed and mastered the song, she delivers a verse infused with melodies.

“Get the cheque/ Get your numbers/ Get the haters/ Get the best/You deserve it/Put the pussy in finesse”. This is the note on which Ms Fu begins her sermon. A call on women to strive for the best, Ms Fu employs the vehicle of rap to spark the ambitions of her fellow femme. “Keep your energy at par till you make it/Keep your energy on level when you say shit”, she advises over the speaker shattering drums and kicks that pegs the beat. She switches from regular English flow to a patoia flow on the hook of the song.

To her friends and acquaintances, Ms Fu’s interest and activism towards women empowerment and breaking barriers that inhibit the progress of women especially in this country is one of her mission. So, hearing her offer her fellow ladies a dose of confidence to pursue their dreams is in the right direction. ‘Go do whatever, never mind what the mob say’.

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