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THE CUTS is a weekly review of songs, videos and albums you need to hear. The songs and videos covered are not a genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it will be reviewed or featured.

Omar Sterling – Bangers & Reload; Exotic Flow

What did we do to deserve this? Omar Sterling appears to be in a good mood as attested by these two surprise releases. With Killmatic scoring production credit on both “Bangers & Reload” and “Exotic Flow”, Omar Sterling takes the listener into his own world: offering more than a peek into his humble beginnings; his current position, and of course, the success that has accrued to him based off his perseverance.

On the mid-tempo ”Bangers & Reload”, Omar humbly brag about the rich discography of R2Bees on the hook: “Come to our free show/ its bangers and reloads”. On the first verse, he offers props to M.anifest and the need for them to work together; how their ‘hommie showed concerned but never helped us” when the needed money to record their demo and how it used to be “sugar solution and bread to survive”.

On the minimal yet fiery “Exotic Flow”, Omar Sterling narrates a story about his father’s struggles, sacrifices and how it shaped him for the future. “I never wanted kids but I’ll born for you”, he raps as homage to his dad who took care of 12 kids, sweated for every cedis he earned and chose the long route- instead of the shorter, risker one- to making ends meet.

It’s becoming the norm for Killmatic and Omar Sterling to give us something exciting whenever they meet. “Bangers & Reload” and ”Exotic Flow” are prove to Sterling’s good ear for beats and well-tailored raps. Omar Sterling is that guy who doesn’t hype an upcoming song. He just drops them when he feels it’s right.

Susan Augustt – Effects EP

Susan Augustt is a singer/ songwriter whose music blends a variety of styles. Her new three track EP ‘’Effects’’ displays the musical styles that have influenced her creativity. On the opener “Foreign Love”, she strays into the arena of jazz/soul music; laying out the kind of loving she desires. Susan sings in both Twi and English; her strong vocals barreling through the live jazzy instrumentations. Susan Augustt brings it home on “Dromo’’, where she offers a mellow, soulful ballad in Ga, Twi and English. The song evokes memories of Eya’s ‘’A Moment’s Notice’’. ‘’Dromo’’ has her describing the emotive feeling of being with the one you love. ‘’Obaa’’, an afropop song produced by Peewezzle is a self-eulogizing song about hard work and going after one’s goals- qualities that define Susan Augustt.  ‘’Effects’’, a fusion of live instrumentation, Susan Augustt’s good vocals and musical style is an excellent self-introduction.

Epidemix ft BiQo, Kweysi Chip, Bryan The Mensah – Nshorna Shia

For days, music producer Epidemix has been preparing our minds to what he has coming: a new single that is steeped in traditional Ga rhythms and hip hop elements. “Nshorma Shia” marries these two components into a melodic ecstasy. A song about love, Kweysi Chip and Bryan The Mensah take turns to rap about their experiences- the blissful moments of love. BiQo delivers both the hook and stunning guitar works. I dare say, there’s nothing beautiful than hearing blistering guitar rhythms sourced from traditional Ghanaian highlife music.

Sizz The Truth: Real Dates (HoePhase)

Sizz The Truth has broken his musical silence for the first half of the year with “Real Dates” , his new single for 2019. Sizz The Truth adopts a sing and rap style on ’Real Dates’ which plays on the theme of enjoying those highbrow moments while in love. “Anytime I no dey, she dey think about me all day”, Sizz sings on the hook of this fast paced tune, adding: “she’s done with her hoe phase, she’s now doing real dates”. Felt that!

Copta – Rosso

Copta’s worrying silence with regards to lack of new music has been broken following the release of “Rosso Freestyle”. The under 3 minute record produced by Epidemix has Copta touching on a couple of issues: how he likes scrolling through tweets than engage (“The way twitter make I got used to just scrolling. I go in my notes and there’s billions floating’); the need to step up your game in this city (“the way Accra dey you for fit do more things”) and sticking with the team (“the family”). “Rosso” is just a freestyle that sounds more like something to excite fans at the prospect of something new from him. Whatever the case, it’s good to hear Copta on the mic again.

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