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DredW X Magnom Are The Perfect Pair On ”Songs For Her”

There comes a time when one’s decision to stay off the limelight becomes the wrong option. Not when you are an active player within the entertainment scene and have your name on some decent pieces of work. No matter your persona, you have to place a face to the creativity. And, in this era of social media where personality often precedes handiwork, being visible is as important as the hours one spends in making their art.

DredW is a producer who has put in work over the years. From beat-boxing at entertainment nights at Mfantsipim School to the production boards of a studio making beats and producing for the likes of EL, C-Real, M3dal, Kojo-Cue, Slim Drumz, Ayat, DredW has sharpen his skill-set overtime. The years spent on sharpening his skills translated into confidence. The result: DredW (Winfred Ametepe) is finally stepping into the sun for others to recognize and appreciate his talent as a producer.

In 2018, DredW started putting out songs notable among them ‘Elite’, ‘Abu Dhabi’, ‘Chocho Milo’. Fast forward to 2019, DredW has partnered with another notable producer/artist, Magnom to put out a collaborative project simple titled ‘’Songs For Her’’.

The five track EP traverses the soundscape of contemporary afropop and dancehall. On ‘’Songs For Her’’, the two made a love song for ladies (or a lady); confessing their love and the intricacies of relationships over bouncy, sunlit, mood rousing production work by DredW.

The EP opens with an ‘Intro’ where a lady leaves a voice mail asking to be called back since her attempts to get in touch have been ignored. ‘’Pick Up’’, the afropp platter is served right after the ‘Intro’. Carrying a catchy groove with Magnom’s deep, gruffy voice sneering through the beat in a sing-rap style, Magnom urges the lady to ‘’pick up my call’’.

The mood of the tape switches from the up-tempo afropop vibe to a mid-tempo, synth stirring dancehall filtered ‘’U B Ma Specc’’. On the song, Magnom highlights why the girl is his specc (his type). “U B Ma Specc’ oo/Girl you be fresh oo/You be fresh oo/Wey I no regret oo/ Say you’re number one oo/ My ride or die o”. Clearly, the physical aesthetics and her ride or die attribute are Magnom’s favoured attractions.

The tropical tone gives way to the highly charged ‘’Here We Go’’; a nicely disguised song about sex. ‘’When rain is falling harder/I feel I’m getting higher’’, the Badman sings. Fellow producer/artist, NSHONAMUZICK pops up to drop some few catchy lines to cap off a potential breakout tune. ‘’Songs For Her’’ closes with ‘’Deliverance’’, a 42 second jam that could have been the best off the album if it had traveled into the 3-minute mark.

“Song For Her” is not the EP you visit if you want to hear deep, emotionally stirring or good pillow talk lyrics. The EP is crafted in the image of Magnom – bubbly and radiant where simple everyday lyrics are presented with a touch of repetition for effect. Magnom has demonstrated this trick on previous projects. DredW, on the other hand knows the kind of beat that Magnom needs to keep the hands on the happiness clock ticking. The chemistry is not lost.

Magnom’s transition from a producer to an artist is serving him right. He has also found a way to collaborate with a lot of young, upcoming artist- using his fame, no matter how little it may be. DredW might not take the course that Magnom has chattered. The visibility, however, is good for his profile.

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