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THE CUTS reviews songs, videos or albums we think deserve your attention. The songs or videos covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed or featured. THE CUTS is available every FRIDAY

 Lil Shaker – Throwback  

When it comes to Lil Shaker, you can always be assured of something interesting. He never fails with his humor and punchline. And staying on a theme is also one of his qualities. ‘’Throwback’’, his latest song encompasses all of that. On ‘’Throwback’’, Lil Shaker compares the late 90s and early 2000s to this current era, pointing out what this current generation are missing out. Shaker is literally shitting on this current generation and what they consider as ‘dope’.

In the video for the song, Lil Shaker is seen dance battling, referencing TV shows like Captain Planet, Things We Do For Love, writing letters instead of texting. The video director, Akwadaa Nyame (who is becoming a favourite director of ours) did excellent with his visuals especially the Captain Planet scene and the dance battling (the costume is straight on point). The simplicity and straight-forwardness of the video makes a fascinating watch.

KayMad – Oyain

A soulful beat. A laid back delivery.  An all important message. These are the highlights on KayMad’s ‘Oyain’. The song has many underlining topics, ranging from the raw deal served to the public by politicians, betting on oneself, chasing success and the potential stumbling blocks. ‘’Chale, free me, free me/spread love and harmony/ the hate be silly’’. KayMad raps on the song’s hook.  KayMad on ‘’Oyain’’ is urging us not to relax when there are things to do or dreams to chase.

Tonero X TrillXoe – Thunder

The artwork for this single has an arm holding on to lightning. If the artwork is fascinating, then you need to listen to the song to appreciate the melodic delivery and epistles that Nigerian singer Tonero and collaborator are serving on ‘’Thunder’’. Carrying an afro-dancehall feel, Tonero is ‘on my knees praying for salvation’’, anticipating a breakthrough that would see his career thud louder like a thunder. The song carries a catchy hook, a good melody as well as a mid-tempo aura that is geared at getting you tapping and moving to the song.

Manuel Ossei – Obaa

Misunderstandings can’t be ruled out in relationships. But when it arises, the parties involved must be ready to discuss it and find a common ground. This subject forms the theme on ‘’Obaa’’, a tune by Manuel Ossei. Carrying an R&B/Soul element, Manuel, along with Nii Vanderpuye request for a sit down with their lovers to discuss the cold treatment they are being handed. For them, time waits for no man thus the reason whatever is holding back their affair must be discussed and resolved. ‘’Obaa’’ is a beautiful composition not because of the message in the song, but the sonic fervor it emits.


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